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  1. Full military compensation for an E-2 in San Diego is $57,697.04. That’s just BAH, BAS, and Basic pay. More than 50% is not taxed.

  2. You are legitimately dumb. Like I cannot comprehend, the straight bullshit you typed. Are you sure you were in? Cause I guarantee you didn’t get any of that as e2. Especially if you were a surface rate. Quality of life will be marginally better in different job communities verse others, even being e3 in below. No e2 is making 50k a year. They’re making less than 30k and being robbed of BAS (375) for food that’s literally labeled “grade F “serve to military and prison only”. 375 from each sailor and they cant come up with better than slop? 700 billion defense budget? You are the issue trying to defend the problem and shine cowshit. Guarantee you were a boat donkey

  3. Nah 10 years in. That’s FULL MILITARY COMPENSATION. In SAN DIEGO! Accommodations and food are take care of for an E-2. Ones in my crew are married and getting COMRATS so it’s actually close. They ALL live in the barracks unless TAD in some rare cases or they tucked up in the barracks. Food was fine. Maybe you should be nicer to your CS if you complain about the food? Lol Go to a damn menu review board?

  4. Were you stationed on a boat? If so it’s a damn lie, your personnel e3 and below were getting 50k a year. Those guys sleep on the boat, maybe get to be in the barracks. Eat at the galley. You’re telling me they’re getting BAS? BAH? Married e3 and below yeah for sure. Single, forget about it man. I was e2 bringing in $800 with flight pay as aircrew and that’s barely cutting 19k a year. And you’re telling me people in other jobs, on the boat are making 50k. FOH

  5. this is an extremely selfish viewpoint that is offensive to ICU workers. if masks can keep just one less person in a bed, then it's "necessary".

  6. Asian countries have been wearing masks to prevent the spread of colds and flus long before C—19.

  7. It’s never been normal in America. It’s never been a normalcy anywhere except Asia. You probably want people to stay indoors permanently as a new normal to huh?

  8. What’s your rate and how’d you get sent there? I’d love to do that but I doubt they’d send a crewman by himself one day

  9. "San Diego Jeep Club - Group" on Facebook has over 4k members

  10. I dont have Facebook, but I have reached out to them on their website.

  11. Not a pilot, but I work with them on a daily. Just know that’s a serious commitment. The academics behind it make my brain hurt

  12. The Patriot & Renegades are jeeps but the Wrangler is a Jeep!

  13. You’re entitled to your opinion as I am mine. You dont need to get that heated. I’m reading your other comments in this thread and you act like you constantly have something to prove. It shouldn’t matter what other people say about your XJ. If you love it and enjoy riding thats all that matters. Shouldn’t bother you if people say “its not a Jeep”. But you know it is

  14. Yes they did. If you had orders to go to A-school right after it was just that same day. If you were in holds or went across the street for schooling in Great Lakes you had that weekend.

  15. I love your Willys! The JK Willys (2014-2018) all came with BFG KM’s which is the old mud tire. My first Willys got 50k out of those tires and now my dad has KM2’s on it. My new one is doing good too. BFG mud tires are definitely tried and proven. Cant speak much on the KO2’s although I’ve heard they’re great as well.

  16. Yooo how did you find BFG KM’s in a bigger tire size? I swear they only came in 255/70r17

  17. Visit Atlanta, it’ll have everything you need. Blue ridge mountains for nature

  18. I know dudes that are AWO’s and love it. You’ll collect per diem and never go on a ship. They travel a lot more too. Not a bad gig. Although you can contract for AW, you won’t get a choice of that rate up front. Also NACCS is pretty gay so be prepared to literally deal with dumb shit (like literally).

  19. Anybody thats says wranglers are shit are full of shit. I got an example, my sister (not literally but good friend) her pop never liked Jeeps. Always looked at mine though when we hung out. Now this man has a Mojave gladiator and already adding aftermarket parts. That should speak for itself

  20. Ion think his is a real Willys, wheels are off and theres a sport sticker on the side (it’d just say “wrangler JK”). The willys decal isn’t the manufacturer one either. Nonetheless, welcome to the club amigo ✌🏽

  21. Yep fake willys sticker. Getting peeled before I pick it up, super stoked on the Gobi colour!

  22. I love it! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of gobi. My first Willys was all black, only went with the red for the second cause super low mileage when bought.

  23. Well thats very inclusive of you. I've been interested in multiple rates submarines being one of them, however corpsmen promotions are trash and unfortunately having a cool job won't get me anywhere after the military when the va screws me over. And yes that way I can get multiple skill sets and meet different types of people. Its gonna be a boring process switching rates but ill be better off in the long term. I do appreciate constructive feedback but blatantly calling me stupid with no advice doesn't help now does it?

  24. “Having a cool job in the military wont get me anywhere” boy oh boy you must be fun at parties or life. Anyways, you dont think submariners have health issues in their rate either? You’re lost my friend.

  25. Say what you want but when im retired at 40 and you work till your 60 ill have won. No I don't go to parties I focus on staying sober and having a bright future. I've got loads of respect for enlisted who work hard. But not people who bash others for obtaining goals through a more realistic way. And yes submariners definitely develop mental health issues but thats less then half. Where do you work now McDonald's getting screwed over by the va with a creaking back? My mother is in that position rn 100% disabled from the military getting fucked over by the civilian sector im taking her and every other veteran and service members advice so I can have a good life. Instead of harshly criticizing maybe you could help out a shipmate? Just a thought. Btw I have respect for you serving as we are the 1% and I don't mean at all any rude attitude I may seem to have through text. I simply asking for advice but you chose to respond with unnecessary toxicity.

  26. Ehh idk bout the 60 maybe 49 years old. I’ll have lived a funner life though, to each their own. If rank is a concern for HM. You should look into HM-ATF as those guys make 3rd class after their respective training, at least the SAR med techs do. those boys go through flight med and it’s something that can carry over. I’m not knowledgeable on what cooking on subs will do for you after the navy. I hope you stay satisfied with whatever choice. I’ll break it down like this HM-ATF pipeline about 2 years most training (3 if you go marine recon) you make rank at the end. You join as a submariner, unless you get e2 in boot your looking at 18 months to e3 then a few more months to e4. Its about the same timeframe

  27. I know guys personally who’ve got other special programs (recently), but they’re very fortunate and lucky. Do not and DO NOT bet your future on “well if I drop I can go SB,ND,EOD,etc”. If you go the SO route you better do everything you possibly can to make it.

  28. Unique I fw it, you’re color scheme looks like iron man

  29. Wait actually..... or.... (obviously take them off first but)

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