TIFU driving with my gf

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  1. I feel like you've strayed from the point of this discussion which was about opinions you feel like you cant say on reddit.

  2. I didn't. I know what I said and for what I have received bans etc. It seems pointless to me to discuss it with someone who isn't willing to believe me anyway. Your tone towards me about how I was lying that I couldn't say those things about climate change didn't pass my vibe check.

  3. You don't have to take my word for it. We're not in court lol 😂 You don't believe me, I'm not here to convince you. Last time I checked you were the one asking me what type of right wing arguments I wanted to spill. I answered. You just want to argue. I'm a fool for falling for it, but I thought you were genuinely interested in what I had to say.

  4. Was a Rihanna Stan until she included Depp in her Savage show.

  5. Preach girl! Nice to know there are more anti Depp people here 🙏

  6. he sucks. The deuxmoi subreddit is one of the few places I can go where everyone else feels the same

  7. It's insane isn't. So frustrating to see how people were so eage to burn Amber at the stakes. They would never grab their pitchforks to tear down a man.

  8. I like that clean, minimal makeup look. She ofcourse has the good genetics and procedures that help with her skin. If I had a lot of money I would go for that look. Not Kim's or Khloe's.

  9. seems weird to post paparazzi photos of her kids on her grid... but I guess that's how we know she's in on it lol

  10. It's funny how a lot of celebrities are hiding their children from the paps, and she just lets them have a moment. At least she's not protecting the boys and showing the girls....

  11. No, I just think the reactions to what she did are exaggerated, especially when they concern her as a person while we don't even know her. I don't see why that's hypocrisy, because she did worse to OP than OP did to her I'm supposed to call her a bitch and a whore?

  12. This is the answer. Just in general theorizing who Khloe's real dad is lol. I do feel a bit guilty for it.

  13. I think a lot of the time people underestimate the amount of times that people are victims of crimes of opportunities. The whole idea that Asha would've willingly left her own house for some reason and just get snatched off the streets by some stranger feels absurd to people. But it does explain exactly why this case hasn't been solved yet. Also, the fact that the reason why she left the house isn't clear and seems to be out of character is probably cause for speculation. But you have to think about it like this: if the parents were really guilty, why would they even say it was out of character for her to run away?

  14. I dont think thats the same as a 9 year old leaving her bed in the middle of the night

  15. It's not the same. But the reason I said it was more about how some people have bad luck. She never went alone and the first time she does, she disappears forever. Kind of like Asha, she would never leave the house in the middle of the night and the first time she does she disappears. So people automatically assume that there must be more to it, but these things happen. It's just really bad luck.

  16. I get that she did this to herself but it’s honestly pretty sad to see. I have to admit that I feel for her a bit. Hair loss is very emotional and difficult to deal with mentally, especially for women. I know when I fried my hair from straightening it years ago I was beside myself.

  17. Yeah, she's also stuck in a loop where everything she does that will make it look like she has a decent amount of hair, will be damaging for the remaining hairs. And this for someone who is absolutely obsessed with her appearance.... Ouch.

  18. Oh yea after “just some Botox and drop of mascara” I knew I was done believing a bit of her bullshit

  19. I think at this point she's just having fun with it and doesn't even care that she isn't believed.

  20. nobody cares WHY people have children, also I don't think we can understand it or that knowledge wouldn't be very flattering for humans in general. This sub does provide a lot of examples of why you shouldn't have children so I think if anything is going to convince someone to not have children it is this sub.

  21. You're pretty dumb if you think people on this sub need convincing to not have kids. What audience are you aiming at exactly?

  22. if some breeder wants to find out why not to have kids he can type this into their computer and find out

  23. Oh, yeah. I'm sure they'll look on this sub and feel enlightened lol

  24. I've never heard about the CCTV footage before, but I think it's an interesting piece of evidence. I remember seeing articles last year about how the reservation for the tapas bar had a note that the parents were leaving their kids unattended, so maybe this note was passed to another staff member who had something to do with the disappearance?

  25. Tbf I think security cameras aren't working about 50 percent of the time.

  26. I would cautiously disagree with you. Establishments have good reason to maintain their security cameras.

  27. Yeah, but I feel like a lot of the time it's more about showing that there are security cameras. I don't have any scientific basis to this obviously, but I do know that in a lot of crime cases the security cameras weren't working or the quality of the footage was pretty worthless. Don't forget this was 2007. It might be different now.

  28. It’s vile to criticize people if they have disabilities? Lol that’s incredibly infantilizing. No one is making fun of them. They’re angry the parents had them despite the consequences for the kid.

  29. Do you actually read comments on this sub or just occasionally? I was a member for five years and read a lot. The content and comments have changed. You're being quite infantile by saying "that's incredibly infantilizing' when you know damn well what I mean. I read comments where people were making fun of burn survivors, where people were making fun of people with deformities. Where someone literally said: let it die or kill it. How is that anger at the parents? It feels more like a circus with a freakshow. That's why I unsubscribed from this sub. I'm a nurse and take care of people with all kinds of problems. It would never cross my mind to make fun of them, to want to kill them, to call someone else's face something that 'keeps me up at night'. I think to live is to suffer and that's why I would never bring a child into this world, but when I say that people 'should die' because they have disabilities, how am I any better than those saying that antinalists should just kill themselves? We all know being here is different from never having been.

  30. I haven't seen people making fun of them. I've seen people pissed off at the parents for forcing them into this world where they could get burned and deformed. As they should be. Some are so miserable that death might be a preferable option. Who can blame them? It's a lifetime of misery before an inevitable death vs just skipping to the inevitable death. Same ending but with less pain in between.

  31. I have seen them. The topic of euthanasia is another one, it's not for the antinalism sub. Of course we can talk about it from time to time, but the idea that euthanasia will solve al problems would make antinalism irrelevant. But the fact that you don't get what's wrong with: kill it or let it die, and are even defending that way of talking proves to me that you're one of the people I'm talking about. Bye!

  32. Well if Jesus can forgive her, then she can sure as hell forgive you.

  33. The things I’ve heard people say about Khloe. There’s certain places where they call her Khlogre. That’s why I don’t really care about the plastic surgery. If they’re fine with how they look then that’s all that matters.

  34. I would've already killed myself if I were Khloe, not going to lie. The way people have talked about her.. Damn. And I also think she's taken it too far with all the procedures, but it's understandable. For Kim for example, it's an entirely different story. She was already praised for her beauty.

  35. Let us not forget he literally decapitated a woman. He is vile and I don’t really care what he has to say

  36. It's insane to even see him on that podcast(?). This is a brutal murderer that got away with it. He doesn't even deny it in the podcast.

  37. Rihanna is disappointing especially because she herself is a victim of domestic abuse. But on the other hand, she did kind of defend Chris Brown too.

  38. I think people believe she has corrupted their sweet perfect prince Harry as he would never have left the royal family if it wasn’t for her. I don’t hate her but I do believe Harry and Megan have made stupid decisions.

  39. I honestly dislike her because she claims she hated the attention when she got with Harry, but then she did the interview with Oprah and now the entire documentary on Netflix.... It seems like she actually loves the attention, she just didn't expect that people wouldn't bow down to her.

  40. Yah if people hated her because she’s part black they did so in the beginning not years down the road. Which I’m sure there was a good about of people that felt that way unfortunately.

  41. Yeah, I'm sure she encountered some racism. But she can't understand why people wouldn't like her actions or personality, so she assumes everyone is racist when they say something negative about her. Yet she has a lot of characteristics that just scream: narcissistic. She seems like she was a bully in high school, that's the vibe she gives off to me. Not saying she was btw, but her niceness seems fake and she always finds a way to take jabs at others.

  42. The specificity in “Ronan” always makes me cry, but specifically, “What if I'm standing in your closet trying to talk to you? And what if I kept the hand-me-downs you won't grow into?” The entire thing is chest-heaving levels of heartbreaking.

  43. Especially the 'what if I kept the hand-me-downs you won't grow into', because it's so visual, simple and confronting.

  44. Am I the only one who knows Ajax is from the Iliad??? There are actually two of them and they’re both stone cold badasses. I approve of Ajax 100%

  45. Ajax is the name of a football club in the Netherlands. Would never name my kid ajax lol

  46. The movie was absolutely gorgeous.

  47. I kind of agree with your review. Just watched it though, so I need to think about it. I did kind of understand his reasoning for leaving. Since he felt that they were after him, in a way he saved the clan by leaving.

  48. Many people are saying the Spider character was too ambiguous and I agree. When Quartrich captured Spider and took him back to the lab, i was expecting them to offer to make him into an Avatar. Then his motivation would be more clear and he would have a character transformation and ultimately have to choose a side. Easy opportunity missed there.

  49. Hmm, I had to Google it and we do have that sign where I live, but it's usually accompanied by inverted triangles on the road to indicate this. I don't think I've ever seen just a yield sign, without accompanying road marking. I'm also confused by the sign for 2.

  50. Yeah the markings are always present here as well... That's an error in this drawing. The sign by nr 2 is a priority road sign for a single crossing. We have it here in the Netherlands.

  51. I’ve said this before, but i think she is such a good example of choosing procedures to look like the best version of herself, not to change herself. When i see side by side pictures it’s clear she’s had some things done, but she’s always looked like herself and has worked with her features. My personal cosmetic procedure role model

  52. True. Kim tried to change her ethnicity multiple times, it's not a good look.

  53. So men aren't allowed to have emotions i guess? If the women in this post is crying then why can't the man?

  54. Racism in the Netherlands tends to be more "passive". Ive heard from Asian friends they somewhat regularly receive racist comments from strangers, or hear them making racist remarks without any confrontation. Not on a daily basis, but weekly or every couple of weeks was normal for them. It is a minority, but obviously noticeable to the people happening to it. If you happen to get to know people who are racist (in say a friend group, or at work) it's likely they'll generalize negatively about a race and then say something like "but you're an exception" if they like you. Again, not very common but it can happen. I understand your worries, however I'm sure you'll be fine. Dutch people are accepting generally and there is little to no extreme racism going on to the point of violence. If you can handle the odd racist remark from strangers and maybe people assuming things about you initially because of your ethnicity, you should have no issues here :)

  55. I honestly think this depends entirely on your race or what people think your race is. Like, I know some mildly racist people but very few of them have a negative bias against Eastern Asians.. I think if you look more Arabic or black the prejudice is stronger. I also think the prejudice against males is much stronger than against females.

  56. She does everything with the least resistance and least weight possible even though she has been working out for so long …its strange. That said Im so envious of their home gym.. she has everything you could need!

  57. There is no way her butt is built like that because of her workout routine. There's barely any weight on that bar. Sharing videos like these is basically admitting she had a BBL.

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