1. I feel like you could say this about all the islanders. I know the show has changed a lot over the seasons but even with S8, I felt like we saw a lot of the islanders' personalities whereas even now, I don't feel like I know much about S9 islanders. it doesn't help that unseen bits focused a lot of the same few people either

  2. This almost brought me to tears. I’m so happy for you!!

  3. Most likely expect going forward. New grad here been at bedside for 6 months now. You eventually figure out who to avoid and who to ask for help etc. It’s different with students though, it’s hard to have someone following you the entire day and asking a million questions. (Although I would never act like that)

  4. I would be so freaked out if I was that person and saw my window on here 😂

  5. i passed the nclex-rn two days ago on friday. i ended up doing all 145 questions in 3 hours. i ended up with alot of lab questions, prioritization and delegation. maybe 4 questions total about child development and pregnancy.

  6. You are so considerate to type all of this. Love to see it :)

  7. She is bizarre. I am jealous of her family’s waterslide though. 😂

  8. He’s gorgeous and funny. Perfect for reality tv. He grew on me😭 but wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole 😘

  9. I unfollowed because I initially followed her because we’re both parents. Now that her content is not related to her kids I just really don’t care to hear about her bf or what she ate that day.

  10. I find it super creepy to watch videos of kids with their faces blurred out.

  11. NTA - Putting yourself in other people’s shoes and thinking, ‘well, if it was me I would want to know’ is good judgment. She’s just in denial and/or embarrassed

  12. Haven’t seen the video yet, and honestly haven’t watched them in about a year. ALSO, need to say I don’t think cheating can really ever be justified. Now that I said those things, holy cow I’m not surprised they’re splitting up.

  13. Exactly 👏 he’s better off tbh he deserves better

  14. Omggg I didn’t see that but that family is full of spoiled brats. Can’t say I’m too upset about that

  15. My preceptor using her bare hands to apply barrier cream in someone’s gluteal folds and then put her fingers to her nose and gave it a bit of a sniff and then didn’t wash her hands after

  16. If there are any Christmas DIYs that would be amazing like trees and such

  17. Ergonomics such as raising the bed when boosting a patient up in bed. More hands make for lighter work, especially when the patient is 300+lbs. Might suggest your facility invest in the "Hercules patient repositioning system'

  18. Oh my…. I just… I just looked that up and I’m amazed. I’m bringing this up at work. That is SICK. Did you ever work with them?!

  19. this video made me lick my lips to get the foundation off 🤠

  20. Sounds like a safety report needs to be filed. I can’t believe she did that even if she was right like it’s literally not her patient?

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