Interested to see if y'all can think of anything worse than I already tell myself! <3

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  1. The decline of Western Civilization's favorite clum-baby rappers, The Island Boys.

  2. Top 20: Decoration Day, Sunstroke, Streetlights, Goddamn, Outfit, Danko/Manuel, Dress Blues, Hurricanes, Grown, Magician, Alabama Pines, Codeine, Stockholm,Flying Over Water,Live Oak,Cover Me Up,Flagship,Vampires,Tupelo,Be Afraid.

  3. 9 years is a long time for some people to go without variety. I had an uncle who, while breaking it off with my aunt after 10 years, compared it to those variety packs of cereal. He told her he just couldn't eat cornflakes every day for the rest of his life. Sensitive guy he was...

  4. Jesus, it was fun! Superhero movies are supposed to be fun! People need to lighten the fuck up.

  5. Always upvote Pulcinella. Great neighborhood spot that reminds me of the NY 'burbs I come from.

  6. I knew he dated aliyah but that it. Didn’t know he produced it or nothing. Wasn’t even born yet lol

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