1. imo the RWD in the sedan is so much better but i might be biased because i own one

  2. Wack cause of the pants and shoulder bag in 2022

  3. I don’t mind just wanted some blanks lol

  4. I was literally just looking for Season 6 hoodies yesterday so here are the various batches I've found. Mostly 1688 links sorry I'm addicted lately.

  5. how long did these take to arrive in your warehouse, i ordered ages ago still nothing tia

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry. I had a cat called Sandy when I was a kid and I can remember when she was put down I went to bed and cried every night for weeks, silently pleading to God to give her back. She was lovely. I think I’ve posted on here before - she was actually a feral kitten found near the beach but, like your Sandy, she was the most gentle soul I’ve ever come across. Nothing seemed to upset her, though a bit of the feral was still in her...one of her favourite hobbies was to catch small snakes/big spiders/lizards and proudly present them with to us at the back door.

  7. Box: Jumpman is gold Shoes: Overall shape is off, Wrong material, Jumpman too small imo + ect

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