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  1. Wholesome but what the hell is wrong with that locker

  2. Birds. Seagulls are the likeliest culprit.

  3. Definitely not any kind of animal, it’s continuous and droning


  5. This is entirely the fault of the species and not negligent humans

  6. the species are not designed to be extremely dangerous and stressed all the time because they are a anomaly created in a laboratory

  7. This isn’t humans’ fault either and is a good excuse for abusing non sapient animals

  8. My friends went to that event (satirically). They said the projected worked completely fine afterwards.

  9. I find most of the people that ask that question haven’t been a victim of violent or invasive crime.

  10. Bro the police are the ones DOING the violent and invasive crimes

  11. Yes, because investigating criminals is a crime.

  12. Keep choking on that pig dick bozo

  13. Fucking disgusting. These pathetic assholes will bitch endlessly about trans people “tricking” them and then pull this sleazy cowardly bullshit. If you have to resort to committing literal fraud and deceiving trans people into giving accounts for you to warp and use as an anti-trans agenda without their knowledge or consent then you have already lost.

  14. Glad you found him, hope he gets better <3

  15. “Bloodborne is actually a trans narrative because it’s a game where everyone in England wants to kill you”

  16. I'm pretty sure that's a torrent for my repack but that's not my website. I don't have one (yet). To open .torrent files you need a torrent client, like

  17. ohhh my dumb ass forgot the client. Thank you!

  18. casts are easy to ignore at first but they can be insanely powerful with the right boons, especially if you upgrade your bloodstones with the mirror. greater calls are very useful as well especially in boss fights. other than that just keep at it, get accustomed to enemy attack patterns and get a feel for which weapons, hammers, and boons synergize the best with each other. getting far can take a while depending on your luck, don’t get discouraged! also: never skip eurydice’s chamber.

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