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  1. It was legitimately a great mechanic that did incredible things for the game as well as the battle scene.

  2. because gamefreak/pokemonco creative management is at least 4 times removed from the actual community. They didn't see Mega's as a new tool that people enjoyed, they only saw it as a gimmick that will get people to buy the game. Repeating the same gimmick in their mind is bad because it won't sell new copies or some bs.

  3. I do think it would be an appropriate response if China “tests” a missile and we shoot it down.

  4. Man, idk, prayer is one of the skills that pisses me off the most. It’s a pain to level without cheesy suicide strategies, especially early game, and IMO the three protection spells totally ruin late game balancing to the point that prayer is basically a required skill for ANY combat and is arguably the single most important combat skill, while simultaneously making most armors obsolete, at least for the purpose of protection, that thing that armor is SUPPOSED TO DO.

  5. Peter Tosh didn’t write “African” for black people outside Africa to be denied the right to say the n word

  6. Maybe Russia’s gonna be able to buy ferrari’s again sooner than they expected

  7. Don’t worry though, every golf course west of texas will still be getting gallons of water dumped on it every day.

  8. I think the most ironically terrible part of that part of Muhammed’s history was how muslim scholars were trying to white wash it, but only going as far as “oh it’s ok, he married her YEARS after they first met, she was at LEAST 9 by that point!”

  9. Yes, let’s cancel it after majority of the money has already been spent on development, and it now has a per unit cost lower than many 4th generation fighters. Replacing it with nothing isn’t actually an option either. There isn’t a reality where this program gets cancelled. I mean for fucks sake they have 8 other countries as program partners and 14 countries have bought some. It’s objectively not a failure.

  10. Yeah MAYBE it coulda been cancelled and replaced with something more economical earlier, but its an even bigger waste to not use the dev thats already been paid for

  11. Imo, the issue is getting into fighting games nowadays is almost impossible. Most new fighting games are similar enough to old games that on launch new players are already going to be matching up against hardened pros, and because fighting games at high levels are mostly about making sure the opponent cannot effectively respond, new players can easily end up just entering a match and being unable to do anything

  12. Doesn’t sound like they “hacked” anything. It said they paid for a license for the facility and leases the transponder codes. So are you really stealing the car from the airport car rental if you went and paid for the rental?

  13. Its more like renting the car but hotwiring it anyway.

  14. I wouldn’t say an F1 car; i always got the idea that podracers were less about creating a peak piece of fine-tuned engineering and more about “how big of an engine do i feel safe attaching to myself” and since he “worked” at a scrap yard, he had pretty good access to a variety of mechanical parts.

  15. Fuck. One time me and my friend were playin just fucking around running from svet to nwaf. We met a friendly that tagged along,

  16. This why i dont fuck with randos. I don’t know you personally, ya dead.

  17. It's pretty obvious to anybody who isn't actively pushing for hateful protagonists that the existence of racists in some period in no way implies that every single person at that time was racist, and that in any case, anybody who isn't a piece of shit isn't going to want to play a fucking racist character.

  18. These guys equate not being racist to something only a weak, soy boy would be. A REAL man would be racist

  19. I hate dorms. Its just people camping hallways or prefiring into side rooms. Same for shorelines resort frankly. Firefights down long, open, dark hallways are terrible.

  20. Now what company is going to be the first to design EMP weapons to shut these down remotely?

  21. What convinced me on Ramen is that even many big popular noodle places still use dried brick noodles.

  22. “You are being defended, please do not resist.”

  23. I bought enough for one of the unique soldier skins but i felt that enough of the content was unlockable thru play that i didnt feel it necessary to have good customization options

  24. Admittedly, there’s not a whole lot you can do if you don’t spot it early. I’ve taken to dropping like 50 points of hyper cheap manpads around my starting sector which can usually stem the attack enough that some freshly spawned in infantry can handle them.

  25. I was hoping the title was cut off and it was like, "put down her favorite food and fell asleep."

  26. It’s harambe all over again… have we learned nothing????

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