1. The homeless population in socal was insane when I went there last. I could understand wanting to move.

  2. Aside from that it's the cost of living. 1 bedroom apartments are $2,500 a month.

  3. Good community, sure. Boring? Yes. Pleasant in the eye? Not so much. Within 20-30 minutes or so of town though there are beautiful, more natural areas to live.

  4. I mean her calling you at 6:30 am could mean she has a ton of stuff do to.

  5. Had a customer call this morning asking why his bopis wasn’t done. It was 6:30 in the morning. The timer on it when I looked said 1:56. They literally wanted their order pulled in 4 minutes or less

  6. This one drives me nuts at the service desk. I had a dude order something while waiting in line, then came up to the desk and asked where it was.

  7. Finally I found my people! I can’t stand fruit. I’ll only tolerate bananas.

  8. How does this happen?! I've used all sorts of cheap and expensive knives and have never had a chunk of metal go off.

  9. Not at all, but I guess opinions are subjective. I'll spare going into detail of what I think no of you because it would send you into a rage spiral and that wouldn't be good for you. I seriously worry for your mental and emotional well being.

  10. You keep telling people to get help and talk to someone or whatever, but your comments prove you are not a good leader

  11. In the off chance that EA is somehow reading this thread/gathering information from this thread, and I mean this with all due respect...how fucking stupid are you to continue to spend resources on sports cars in an F1 game, when the associated F1 specific details in your game have been subpar, and when there are the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo out there for those who want to drive something that isn't an F1 car. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

  12. Im willing to bet that the logic is that they want F1 to be a one stop shop racing experience. They don't want you to just play f1 for f1 cars... and then play forza for your other fix. you get to be a famous rich driver! drive sports cars! drive f1 cars! All happening within their game.

  13. Lmao, I'm not a fan either, then again I wouldn't go to a steakhouse and order chicken

  14. But what if you go to a steakhouse and order chicken fried steak?

  15. That guys set ups are always super slow. Well for me anyways

  16. Yea same. I like a few but I just use them as starting points then fine tune

  17. A local donut shop did a Thanksgiving dinner Berliner Donut. Stuffed with stuffing and gravy, topped with mashed tato, membrillo, fried turkey skin. Was fuckin delish.

  18. People will wait in the long ass service desk line only to come up to me and ask "can I pay here?"

  19. Easy. Corporate has no incentive to create realistic sales goals. In fact, the more out-of-sync the goal is with reality, the more they profit.

  20. That's not true at all. The percentage of stores meeting sales goals is a very important metric to Wall Street. They don't want stores destroying plan but they also don't want stores missing the mark. Having each store at exactly 100% is their goal.

  21. But what if the defined 100% is unrealistic?

  22. Correct. My regional manager still believes that covid sales can be achieved regularly, and every week we disappoint him.

  23. am i the only one who think this looks pretty but also horrifying at the same time?

  24. Reminds me of the bugs from Lion King

  25. Worked with a dude whose family owned towns and he would get “regular” jobs every few months just to get away from financial shit and see what people did. We found it he wasn’t lying

  26. Hey guys, it’s safety month again! You know what that means right?

  27. Unprotected sex with the chick in paint?

  28. Every day I am blessed with the opportunity to dawn myself with the orange apron is a proud day. My apron is an extension of myself.. a badge of honor... a shield. I am proud to sacrifice my time, efforts, emotions, and ambitious so that my store managers can thrive financially. No customer will pass me without being greeted, engaged, and thanked.

  29. instant mashed potatoes. just add some until it hits desired thickness. Or just cook it longer with lid off.

  30. professional crusty whacker sounds like a great job. im currently whacking my crusty

  31. You say that until you realize the head chef's name is Crusty

  32. Yeah, but look at that Main Menu fps

  33. The dealership said they would take 1200 off after I told my sob story of being broke and in college corporate won’t do a thing

  34. dealerships and corporate are not the same thing. Go up the chain

  35. Downvoting you made me a little happy. You said do what makes me happy!

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