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  1. Anyone recognise the song they used near the end (at the zipline-moment)? Tried to Shazam it but it didn‘t work

  2. W.a.r.r.i.o.r by Ebony Bones - around 2:20 into the song

  3. I played with emocake yesterday! I didn't know he had a part in this

  4. Oh nice! Yeah he’s a great dood and a great creator!

  5. Okay please don't stone me to death but i'm really out of the loop: Were the Northstar people responsible for the ddos attacks to promote their client or was that just a bs rumor?

  6. Nah you’re thinking about the No Skill/Remnant fleet drama that happened way last year. Northstar was being worked on for a while and was fully completed around when Titanfall was completely unplayable for a month in December 2021

  7. Wish badges have unique animation like in s4-s6

  8. Only one that didn’t was season 9’s, every other one had a unique animation except pred s8 (which is weird bc masters s8 had a unique anim)

  9. I haven’t found any others besides the mastiff skins, so you know of anything else?

  10. One of the spitfires is themed around the marauder corps and has their logo on it!

  11. I doubt it was concept art since ash was introduced in TF2, but it could still be a great skin.

  12. Bloodhound’s base skin was a concept design from the Titanfall 1 days…

  13. I was his teammate last split, he was a very enjoyable teammate and I would grind with him again in a nutshell <3

  14. I know I'm late commenting this but:

  15. Spokesperson for respawn in the reddit comments, pathetic.

  16. LOL this comment is a year old sir

  17. Oooo im glad your date learning in school is going well :)

  18. I'm still convinced he was the early model for Fuse

  19. This!! The white hair streak, the muscle, everything screams early Fuse to me but some peeps just think i’m crazy haha

  20. Is that the event we were supposed to have 7 but instead realistically had like, 2? I remember being pumped for that LTM but then whenever I played it was only the zone bubbles and one other one. Never got to experience the other 5 modes cuz they apparently were bugged all to hell

  21. Nah that was War Games, this event was Grand Soiree in Season 3 and all of the modes were added in! They were cycled in for like 2 days a piece over the span of 2 weeks and all were fun AF!

  22. I thought that might be like a semi regular thing after that. The LTMs have been so few and far between lately.

  23. Yeah for real :( it was super hype seeing a glimpse at the modes we were getting and even the suspense of “ooo what will the dummies mode be “ was awesome

  24. I got my heirloom at level 100 technically; it was right when the level cap increased and we got 14 free packs

  25. I am willing to accept that she beat a pilot. I mean as far as i know, she used to be an IMC grunt but now she's a legend, which means she has exceptional ability to fight which puts her over any other grunt.

  26. She was in the exact stages of pilot training as jack was right before he entered the war in the TF2 canpaign. The only difference is she never got to pilot a titan whereas cooper was given authorization to Lastimosa’s titan/BT to finish what was started

  27. not only does she have what it takes, she HAS killed a pilot, her heirloom is a data knife from the pilot she murked

  28. Yeh which is a nice touch in her new intro: the holo pilot (cloak lel) she kills has her heirloom being used

  29. Honestly surprised there are switch players ngl

  30. Dude if you play tokyo servers switch only there’s an insane amount. I’m p sure i’d queue for ranked and see like 200 in queue, and this was plat (yes I got to plat on the switch hehe, got burnt out shortly afterwards but would love to get to diamond/masters at least)

  31. I mean I’m just more surprised that there are people playing a game like Apex on a console like the switch, like I realize for some people there may not be an alternative console to play it on but for me I would never play apex on switch over PS4.

  32. IG there’s lots of people with only a switch who wanna get on that apex grind 😎 peeps who do play switch are insane too

  33. I think when they say it’s their DNA they mean the titanfall universe as a whole, meaning they probably want to expand on Apex much more in regards to it/connect it more with both the titanfall games.

  34. well, technically Cooper was trained by Lastimosa for a little bit, while the apex character most likely didn't take a pilot training at all

  35. Bang was at the same level as cooper in her training, just never got to pilot a titan ( I assume because her brother went missing at the time? Or the war ended, idk exactly, something like that I thought tho)

  36. Looks like the last update animated the arenas ranked badges from last season! The pred one looks sick!

  37. Your post was removed for being unrelated to Titanfall or Respawn Entertainment.

  38. Hundreds of hours of VR training counts for something when the regular grunts don't get ANY training

  39. Hence Bangalore could pilot a titan by this theory then as she had much similar experience to Cooper. She was pretty close

  40. Your post was removed for being unrelated to Titanfall or Respawn Entertainment.

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