1. Didn’t realise McDonagh was 26, should probably get in the bin then.

  2. The worst part of all this is, that he doesn't understand that his explanation of why he did what he did, is him wanting a dictatorship.

  3. These umpires got me questioning if afl is a contact sport or not

  4. These fucking umpires have lost the plot this quarter

  5. I thought the two on Viney were on the "hotter" end of HTB. But probably correct. He had the chance to handball both times and didn't. So they get a tick

  6. I think the jordan one the umpire was in a position to not be able to see the ball get knocked out from memory?

  7. There is so many crazy left winged people on here that are brainwashed… if you think trump should be in prison before Killary, the Biden’s or Obama’s. You are the problem.

  8. The irony of your comment is off the charts.

  9. Tucker's disposal is leagues ahead of Blakely quality wise and he's not just getting touches he's kicking goals as well. Blakely also has no defensive side where it's one of Tucker's strengths. They are different players.

  10. I don't think many actually hate him. I think its more he hasn't done anything to set the world alight at AFL level.

  11. That might work in the WAFL, but it won't at AFL level. The reason our form is bad is because we're not generating forward half turnovers. They aren't going to put him in the team if he is only going to exacerbate the problem.

  12. We need to get the ball into the forward half to generate those forward half turnovers first.

  13. Without question our worst game for the year.

  14. did anyone really think freo was in flag contention? they aren't even close to collingwood or geelong, the way I see it, youve got collingwood geelong and melbourne as the three in contention. Anyone else is a dark horse.

  15. Jesus Christ you melts jump to conclusion so quickly

  16. I hope so, my assessment of 2024 was with an optimistic take on Jackson. No Jackson and I would love to see Jye straight in for round 1

  17. I want fyfe to put Jye onto his weight gaining regime.

  18. Its based on current form though, not all time.

  19. Few Perth boys in the mix again, good to see!

  20. I love cache surprising that not many people play it.

  21. Cox would be bloody close but as of right now I'd go:

  22. I think for now Houston has been more consistent throughout the whole year.

  23. The scary part is just how cult-ish Pentecostals are.

  24. I think most we praising his actions during the covid years, and that he was better than the prior fuckwit.

  25. Exactly, these undergraduates are relentless in their shit takes. There are plenty of authoritarian conservatives employed by Murdoch who are big mask and mandate and punishment supporters. The Australian often has takes which are very different to The Daily Telegraph, and many which contracict itself. But the average Friendly Jordies watching halfwit thinks Murdoch is single handedly to blame for every issue in Australia. He's a big problem, but the world is far more complex. And it's not like much of the rest of our media is much better, in fact Channel 7 is FAR WORSE.

  26. You can't possibly argue that Channel 7 is worse than Sky News.

  27. Sky news is bottom of the barrel but OP is correct a lot more moderate and less politically minded people view channel 7 so I would say it has a greater overall impact.

  28. I'd say its much of a muchness, if you add all Murdochs newspapers (The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser) + Sky & Fox the influence is probably greater.

  29. NSW Labor were in power from 1938-2011 excluding one section for 11 years in 65-76. Especially the Bob Carr era which lasted 17 years. Having long uncontested power like that is the perfect breeding ground for complacency and corruption, you'd feel untouchable. The Libs and Nats were stewing in the same soup. Once people saw they could get away with shady deals like the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, or say that the State must privatise all energy sectors (Iemma in 2007) and not get chased out of town, it was open season on corrupt activity.

  30. That edit shouldn't be necessary.

  31. How many times have we heard that Richmond/Melbourne/Brisbane/Geelong been 'figured out' in the last few years.

  32. This year has just been a great year for footy.

  33. 5 Takes some serious beating, bring it back.

  34. Legit definition of slow news day

  35. Fucking hell, going the full blown Anti UN rant as well.

  36. Looked lethargic, refused to man up and let the swans slice there way through us, and kept going big down the line. I reckon we hit the corridor max 3 times tonight. Swans just outplayed us.

  37. Just didn’t want it as much. And in other games we have adjusted after half time, we just didn’t know how to adjust to what you were throwing at us, so just kept the same game plan.

  38. Great logical answer to all my questions posed to you. Before you go saying others are a waste of a brain, take a good goddam look at yourself.

  39. You live in fear I’ll be here in reality. Join us when you’re ready.

  40. Wearing a mask to the benefit of others is in no way living in fear. It’s common courtesy.

  41. Nah 50m penalty was the 3rd quarter 'drama'

  42. The character design, try actually reading.

  43. Will Papley get a week for that bump on Dunkley? Love Pap so, if anything I hope it is a fine.

  44. If he does then shits fucked. They’re both going the ball, papley had his hands on it ffs

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