1. Wait, is it "palace of ice," or "palace of vice?"

  2. Definitely. They play loud and heavy distortion! My bud saw them at the Fox in Oakland and has perm ear damage. Maybe that’s Fox’s fault tho

  3. I have damage to the hearing in my left ear from Red Rocks 2018

  4. AFK. Non Photo-Blue. Boo. Concrete Seconds. Tripoli.

  5. Nuh-uh. I used to think the exact same thing. "I'm stuck here. My only other options are fast food or retail, because I'm not qualified for anything else, and both sound worse than this." I spent 12 years at a job that I hate, because I let fear hold me back. I finally pulled the trigger and quit, and in less than 2 weeks I got another job that pays $13 more per hour. Sure it was seasonal, but at least I was happy. Now I make $4 more than the call center per hour, doing construction through a temp agency, and I'm about to get promoted for additional $6 per hour. And most importantly, my anxiety is long gone.

  6. Hey! We both got fired on exactly the same day!

  7. Beautiful. I don't have enough space on my walls for fancy frames, lol I just get the thin black ones.

  8. Get out now. Now. Now. There are opportunities out there. Just put in your 2-weeks, then spend an hour every morning, with your cup of coffee or tea, putting in applications on indeed. You'll find something in no time. Go to a temp agency. They'll put you to work. General labor sounds shitty until you realize it doesn't make you want to kill yourselef.

  9. Spoken like someone who doesn't need a job in the first place.

  10. My bad, you're right, I can't speak for everyone, but 90% of us can and should gtfo

  11. Every time you think you hit an amazing drive, you can never find your ball.

  12. I was tripping night 2 in Boston last year, really getting down. I was really feeling Up On The Hill, and Boognish filled my soul… Boognish smiled on me, I praise him. Ween plays gospel music…

  13. Okay 28 people need to be removed promptly

  14. this is probably true for so many people, especially guys.

  15. For a long time, I've been thinking about getting W E E N on my knuckles.

  16. Travis Bretzer, specifically, the album, "Bitter Suites"

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