1. What does that have to do with FLIPPING the sample?

  2. He flipped a sample so well it took folks almost two decades to detect it......

  3. Lol I hate to break it to ya, but many of us knew a long time ago what that sample was. I could say the same about alot of Rza shit if that's the case. Ask most people where "shimmy shimmy ya" or "black jesus" is from for example

  4. Word up man. That shit was definitely news to me. Both guys are legends for sure.

  5. Eardrum is one on my favorite albums of all time. Talib is a beast

  6. No love for The Gifted here, man... Go and listen to that record ya'll haha

  7. Pro 2 is one of my alltime favs for nostalgic reasons!

  8. The game has had some heat after his big albums, shit even his last album is pretty damn solid

  9. The Game’s dumb antics is what prevent folks from giving his newer music a solid chance

  10. He really was. I heard a while back that he was going to sign with Dre, but that never happened. Last thing I heard from him was Emmett Trill. When I heard his 5 fingers of death , I thought he was going to be the next big rapper. “That boy been a pro”

  11. I last heard him on David Banner’s God Box album. His verse was fire. I also saw him walking with a cane on IG. Maybe he was in some sort of accident

  12. Can’t believe this album is 17 years old. I remember Pat Riley doing the dance after the Heat won the championship that year.

  13. Like a Republican, I'm stickin' to my guns, I come in your wedding Put one in your husband and one in the reverend I give a fuck if the woman is pregnant, I put that gun to that bun in the oven And this a double 187, I'm givin' birth to murder

  14. I’ve been thinking about getting a copy of this album myself

  15. Definitely do it bro. You can find some great copies on Discogs.

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