1. bought this skin thinking I was the shit, turns out the skin is the actual shit

  2. Anyone who really cares,needs to get out AND TOUCH GRASS !!!!!!

  3. when I saw that rat skin in the item shop I was like "What the f- absoLUTELY not! πŸ’€" bro I avoided that skin like the plague, but I see the appeal

  4. Haha yeah I used to do this, wait to get to tier 200 to unlock anything. The downside is you don't end up using the items as much.

  5. I remember grinding to get Rainbow Rick from CH2S7, I used him like, 5 times after that πŸ˜‚

  6. Dude, sometimes I'll just be minding my own business, and some guy beams me until I'm at 10 hp, and I'll air balloon hop throughout the entire map and they'll continue to follow me. I don't even get a chance to heal πŸ˜‚

  7. In case you cared. I have a desktop. I7 processor with a GeForce 2080 Super Graphics card. I do be on the go sometimes so yes gaming on a mac would be nice to do sometimes.

  8. Legendkingtobi, dude is SUPER underrated. People always suggest GKI, but his glitches aren't really that good compared to Tobi's. On a Level 1 account, doing just 1 of Tobi's glitches can get you 30 levels. I HIGHLY suggest to go to him for Chapter 4, he also has a pretty consistent upload schedule too.

  9. I didn't do those quests, I didn't like the pickaxe and the quests didn't give XP anyways.

  10. r fortnitebr when somebody picks items that they like and are attached to instead of rare item shop skins (they are doing it wrong apparently)

  11. arghhhh 😑 are u serious right neowwwww 🏎 why didn't this ding-a-ling put rambunctious in their bundle?!?! 😑😑😑 grrrr this is not OG

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