1. I have also tried the Lays Wavy Funyun Onion Flavored Potato Chip and it is indeed good.

  2. Don’t apologize for being majestic my friend

  3. I'll believe that when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet

  4. So NSJ being on the court wouldn’t make you believe it? He needs to be on the court AND you need to have a bowel condition?

  5. He won’t be back. Time to come to that realization.

  6. For real. Some folks are kidding themselves, he'll never see a college floor again.

  7. Awful news. Petrino is still a fantastic offensive coach (as well as an offensive person). He took an absolutely dismal Missouri St team and made them good. He's had success everywhere he's gone after his stint in the NFL. Anyone who says he's washed hasn't been watching closely enough.

  8. MO State went 5-6 this year, they shot their wad vs us and never recovered.

  9. That was the worst officiating I’ve seen since the Petrino days. It was mind blowing to watch them make a bad call, review it, and uphold it. We lost our voices yelling at the game lol.

  10. If I'm being honest, we got some pretty generous calls and I think Arkansas deserved it more.

  11. Well, calls and such aside, most teams that are down that much don't come back. Period. Kansas has a real coach and a team that is fully bought in. And those fans stuck around and made a big difference down the stretch. Very impressive. It the game wasn't against the Hogs I would have been pulling hard for KU. Good game.

  12. For me, the answer is merchant's brunch buffet. I still haven't eaten there for a regular meal, but I went to the breakfast buffet thing and had some of the worst catering quality food that you pay a pretty penny for. Biscuits reminded me of KFC, man. Just bad.

  13. American here, we abandoned the christmas turkey/ham several years ago. You're just re-eating a lot of the same food from Thanksgiving anyway for us. We switched to a big ass prime rib, baked potatoes, bread, and salad for christmas dinner and everyone loves it.

  14. Yep, it's a fun place to hang out. Dickson, no Dixon, just to clarify in case you're trying to find it on google maps. There are a nice mix of clubs, lounges, and dive bars. And a great bookstore!

  15. Ain't nobody going to the bookstore during a bachelor's trip! :D

  16. Oh my bachelor trip weekend we went to both a bookstore AND a record store. WILD SHIT lol

  17. The only reason to go to a kwik shop is to use Dillons points, and now only like one of them still accepts points with functional pumps, it's ridiculous.

  18. Because we're a 6-7 win a year program with a small amount of active pro players. Additionally, we do not have that many in-state blue chip guys, so we have to go out of state to get them. We probably have the worst in-state recruiting in the SEC. Missouri might be worse, but there are some hot spots around the cities.

  19. Also Miss st and Ole Miss? Why are they better than us?

  20. That's a yearly watch in our house. Best concert doc ever.

  21. Let's be honest though, as far as propaganda goes, this cartoon kicked ass,

  22. Cutter and Buck makes some big and tall sports stuff, especially for college teams. They're expensive but tend to fit ok.

  23. I have hard feelings against him because he sucked here. Coulda had a good thing but nah. Fuck Bret Bielema. FCM.

  24. Bret was the first coach in Arkansas history to win back to back bowl games, and the first coach to go to three straight bowl games, and he did it when the SEC was pretty stacked. He didn't have overwhelming success, but in retrospect I think we can all agree that he had a tough job taking over after an interim coach and he really loved his players and wanted to win. Just didn't happen. Whereas with Chad Morris, I don't think he ever once cared about being a Razorback.

  25. I think the handful of very iconic moments we had under Bielema really put some cardinal colored glasses on people. Sure he had a tough rebuild, but he got there in year 3. Then what did he do after that? Absolute nosedive. Overall he went 29-34 (46%) and 11-29 in the SEC (40%). Two of the three winning seasons were just one win above .500. That's not "not good," that's straight up bad.

  26. I don't think you have enough context in your post. What is our average season since 2000? What is our overall win/loss record since 2000?

  27. 11 points? Some of yall don't remember, Asa walked with 65% to 31% in 2018. Honestly she should be embarrassed if it's that close.

  28. She should because she’s running on Trump and Trump alone. The video on her site has Jan 6 footage labeled as Antifa. She has zero other things on her site as to wtf she actually gives a shit about. So she’s QBarbie runs for Governor essentially.

  29. Honestly if she had any ability to feel shame she would feel it but her and her kind are the definition of shameless.

  30. Well to be fair, it was a huge win for Alabama, they've been so bad lately, so getting a big dominant win over the powerhouse Arkansas Razorbacks is definitely worth celebrating.

  31. Plus she’s a terrible role model compared to Boseman. She was doing “do your own research” horseshit during Covid and linking conspiracy videos and anti-trans stuff. Like the most generous thing you could say about her is she’s too stupid to understand what she was doing.

  32. Which is why I won't be seeing the movie. I have accepted that it's going to make a billion dollars, but none of it will come from me. Fuck anti-vaxxers.

  33. Should have had a moment where Arkansas calls and they just fuckin put us on hold man

  34. Dardanelle has/had (don't live there anymore, not sure if he's still around) Tom, a guy that walked around picking up cans and singing classic soul songs loudly. He had a bicycle for a while, but he kept getting hit by cars so they took it away.

  35. Man, I agree. Briles needs to stop calling fumbles in the red zone. It NEVER works out! /s

  36. It’s like y’all can’t read and/or have never been on a team with a coach.

  37. Kendall didn’t fumble any of those balls in the last two games though.

  38. No but he’s the offensive coordinator and his unit is making a boatload of mistakes in key situations. Coaching and preparation matter and clearly it’s lacking at the moment.

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