1. A lot of different businesses would never have gone out of business. Snail Mail/USPS would be a flourishing way of contacting people still and there would be high advances and expansion of the USPS beyond it's prime before the lesser user of it it's service happened.

  2. I was created prior to the internet. You're probably not wishing away the internet; rather, you're wishing away social media and the constant barrage of everyday dreck. Actually, the internet is a useful resource.

  3. No one argued about whether or not the Internet was useful; rather it was a thought experiment on how it’s absence would have affected modern society.

  4. I’m impressed that poor baby even made it to 13 months.

  5. I’d have to put my vote down for Uncle Phil - smart, compassionate, unwavering loyalty towards his family and friends yet still passionate and childish enough to have a strong defined personality of his own that makes him very endearing. And what a stage presence James Avery had - he could turn from funny and goofy to stern and menacing at the drop of a dime and I’d believe and get immersed in every second of it. The fact that he was also Shredder from TMNT just blew my mind further.

  6. Shitter - only the worst people are allowed to post.

  7. I apparently have a dual-citizenship (lived in Sweden for 1 year after i was born in Vaasa), so the Finnish military was never interested in me.

  8. How? I doubt McDonalds uses minke whale meat as their BigMacs.

  9. Gonna have to say snake. The mere idea of it makes my skin crawl.

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