1. Never put money down on a lease. This isn’t a good deal. That’s what I’m paying on mine, and I’m financing.

  2. Idk, but they don’t even read accurate. Each tire is 35 PSI. But the tpms all reads random numbers

  3. You need to get it check/recalibrated then. It should automatically turn off after a few miles when properly inflated.

  4. It’s been on repeat. Best single he’s released yet, probably gonna be the best on the album.

  5. It's not a kia only issue. Happens to other car brands as well if you try googling it.

  6. It might be a USB port issue, if it is, the wireless device will have issues too. I’m going to the dealership next week to get mine checked.

  7. Might be a newer Forte thing. My 2023 gt-line disconnects and reconnects constantly.

  8. Because sports betting is such an important issue to waste tax dollars on while the whole world falls apart. Lol

  9. In the IG post they said they will keep the prices

  10. There's a lot that I like, but I don't do festivals. I would watch a paid stream. Do they do such a thing?

  11. I’m surprised they don’t offer that, a good way to make money off people who can’t make it.

  12. How we not gonna match that offer?! This is whack.

  13. The guaranteed money is most likely what the bengals couldn’t match.

  14. He didn’t know Ellie would be sacrificed in the process. Plus, there’s no guarantee the cure would even work. He grew close to her, even saw her as his own daughter, he didn’t want to lose his daughter again.

  15. It was short, especially for a season finale, but that was pretty much exactly how the first game ended, they really didn’t exclude anything major.

  16. Sweep on the three main plays!!!🤑 In GP13 we trust!!

  17. At the moment I can't think of three changes but I loved the infected horde during Henry and Sam's arc

  18. I loved that they made Sam deaf, they haven’t changed much, but the changes they have made have been great.

  19. It’s grown on me a lot, I still think it’s too long. There’s a near perfect album within it, just have to get rid of the fluff.

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