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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I would def say globally because she is well known in a lot of Western countries, but I wouldn’t say she’s well know in some Eastern countries like Korea or Japan. And I’m saying this as a Korean-American who tried showing American celebs to friends in Korea and they had no idea who they are even if they’re hella famous over here lol

  2. As also a Korean, I can definitely confirm that the Kardashians aren’t that influential in East Asia. Maybe Kendall the most (although also not much) because she fits the local beauty standard of skinny and “natural” looking.

  3. She is known but I wouldn’t say influential. I’m living in Germany and the huge BBL butts and heavy glam look is not really a thing here. I think celebrity culture in Europe is not that big in general

  4. The guilt is so real. I feel guilty for telling some people about his behavior.

  5. I know how you feel… My ex strangled me several times in addition to punching, pushing, etc. My neighbor even called the police once and I just lied that we were hitting each other instead of the truth. I couldn’t fathom the thought of ruining the life of someone I deeply loved and cared about. It sucks that we still care so deeply about our abusers when they couldn’t care less

  6. My ex and his mom were like that. She knew he was physically abusing me for years and she always begged me to not call the cops on him and told me she was sorry on his behalf. Eventually she stopped being “sorry” and would just straight up lie to everyone saying I made her son like that (even though he abused his ex too). I guess she’s the reason he doesn’t ever have to take responsibility for his own actions. You won’t regret leaving that family, I know I don’t. It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders never having to deal with that crazy duo ever again.

  7. Your ex’s mom sounds exactly like my ex’s. His family knew about his abuse towards but didn’t show an ounce of empathy. In fact, they treated me as the evil witch while my ex was the victim. I will never understand

  8. I currently feel the same exact way as you felt back then. The gut wrenching disgust I feel towards myself for missing and wanting a man who has repeatedly destroyed me physically and mentally. And having to come to terms with the fact that he will never know how much pain his abuse has caused me

  9. I'm Irish and EU stocks suck. The EURO50 is up 35% on peak 2007 figures. Compare that to the S&P and the return us 140%.

  10. I‘m living in Germany and I’d also never touch European stocks except for a select few like LVMH. In general, I‘m highly bearish on the whole European economy. While the US economy can handle QT, the European economy most likely can‘t.

  11. My guess is that she transferred way too much fat to her ass and lost some of the fat while the skin stretched too much with it, making her skin saggy. I’m sure her ass still looks like this naked

  12. Stop trying to enter every fucking space! We don’t need home accessories from them

  13. I don’t understand how anyone can claim that she is a good businesswoman at this point. Her whole business model is a one-time cash grab. Even with Skims, she doesn’t even re-stock her most popular items and just comes out with a new line that nobody asked for.

  14. I wish the interviewer would’ve asked her if she knows what a biochemist does. LOL

  15. I think she’s always struggled with her body image, especially after the media scrutinized her weight gain. But her face looks so different

  16. I think it’s because Bella’s work is more tasteful and she doesn’t use her artificial beauty to sell crappy products to her fans

  17. Personally don’t understand why she felt the need to post that. Seems very personal to post a letter from your bf and it serves no other purpose than to flaunt his wealth.

  18. She looked really cute here. She should’ve stopped her plastic surgery at this point.

  19. Good call not to bring one of her artificial children to this.

  20. Khloe is probably always scared that Tristan will abandon true and their new son


  22. I had this happen. My abuser called the abuse hotline and came back with the conclusion that I’m the one with the issues. I don’t know what he said but it’s quite clear that he spun the narrative to victimize himself. Also to people in his life, he has somehow made me into the perpetrator. It’s so demoralizing and makes you even doubt yourself

  23. I know this is slightly wrong/morbid but I can't help but be impressed by the BS these people are able to spin, I can't even stretch the truth without feeling guilty

  24. It’s like their perception of reality is completely different from the truth. I caught my ex several times changing what actually happened in order to fit a narrative that he’s actually the victim. And it seemed like he truly believed in what he was saying too, not just lying to get out of trouble. It drove me f*cking crazy that he was living a different truth from me because it makes it impossible to make him see his faults. I spent everyday for 2 years trying to reason with him and begging him to accept what actually happened and take accountability. I failed.

  25. I’m struggling with the same thing, closure. It’s been the most difficult part for me.

  26. I just don't know why my brain seeks it, I MYSELF know what is going down but my brain is just so desperate to learn why he did the things he did.

  27. I feel you 100%. I was with my abuser for 2 years. I spent all my time and energy during that time asking myself and him “why” over and over again. I argued with him continuously to get him to acknowledge how much pain his physical abuse has caused me and accept full responsibility. It didn’t work. Every single time, he’d gaslight me to oblivion and it would make me feel even worse than before. “If you didn’t do ____, I wouldn’t have hit you”, “You must be the problem or else why is it that you’re the only person I’ve ever done this to?”, etc. I just wanted an honest answer like “Because I don’t give a fuck about you”. I really needed to hear that to be able to move on instead of his usual manipulation about how he cares about me and doesn’t know why he does this to me.

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