1. I mean, the stock market is heavily manipulated. Lots of proof out there regarding naked shorting. Don't be so naive

  2. The vast majority of stock market "manipulation" is pumping stock prices up, not down.

  3. Until they're over leveraging and you get this market.... Down %20 lol... So naive

  4. That's what we call a correction from a massively overvalued market.

  5. Is he scamming me? I can't tell because I have too much confirmation bias. The idea of further insulating my portfolio from recession and playing the Chinese reopening by buying more oil makes my panties wet.

  6. He's not scamming anyone, he's an oil investor with his money where his mouth is.

  7. Yeah I'd argue there are far bigger issues with the house of lords than some bishops also being there

  8. Should add a few Imams, Rabbis, Druids, whatever Hindu religious leaders are called, humanists etc for balance.

  9. Great for you, but I work 12 hour days. If the demand reduction period hits in my evening I have no choice - I have to be able to cook and wash in those hours. Millions of people work those sorts of shifts and will have no choice but to, yet again, pay more for something they didn't cause.

  10. Isn't this a voluntary scheme? So those who can reduce demand in peak periods help out those who cannot. Without this energy costs would go up even more, or there might be forced blackouts.

  11. Yeah I've been getting this for a couple of days now. Very annoying.

  12. If someone has no ham, they will not get a hamster.

  13. They don't care about the future of the Tory party, they have no ideology, they only care about the future of their property portfolios.

  14. More jobs for mediocre politicians, more blame shifting, more elections nobody cares about.

  15. 4.3m increase from 2010 to 2020 is 439k per year. Plus we have a current housing shortage on top of that.

  16. No, you really can't support re-joining the EU while also saying that immigration is too high. They're mutually exclusive concepts.

  17. If we wreck the country enough before re-joining then we could see negative immigration, that way everyone can be happy!

  18. Wouldn't surprise me, by the time we get around to rejoining a generation of young people will want to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity now on offer.

  19. If nobody is willing to buy them is that not simply because they are overpriced?

  20. Didn't the CEO recently say that they didn't mind having a windfall tax put on them?

  21. Yeah they say things like that because CEOs are still human and have a strange desire to be liked but they don't mean it.

  22. Can't we just make commercial landlords directly responsible for business rates?

  23. I think part of the problem is they are when their shops are empty so they're incentivised to rent to dodgy people.

  24. Right, so make them liable all the time, that way they have an incentive to rent to people who pay their bills.

  25. Taxes on banks went up 1% (CT increase was higher than the drop in the banking levy).

  26. Why hasn't there been an increase in Corp Tax in the latest budget?

  27. Jeremy Hunt said why he was embracing it. He spent five minutes at the start of his speech in Parliament explaining it.

  28. Those truly upper class and wealthy don't pay any of that anyway - money is squirrled away elsewhere.

  29. Can't really get at those people though. If we want better services everyone has to pay more tax.

  30. Be careful what you wish for. Everyone thought the 2010 election was a poisoned chalice and the Tories have turned it into 15 years of "government".

  31. read the footnotes, bank levy being cut from 8% to 3% so he's giving a massive tax cut to banks.....

  32. You mean a small (1%) tax rise, after CT is taken into account.

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