1. German inflation: July PPI +5.3% month-on-month vs forecast of +0.6%.

  2. This is PPI not Inflation. German inflation was slightly down 0.1% (MoM).

  3. It's PPI not CPI, sure, which is why I said it was PPI. They're both types of inflation.

  4. That's outrageous. Sounds like your company is allowing their staff to be price gouged. I would complain, both to your company and the ombudsman. Those fees are not normal.

  5. You'd think that the Green Party would want energy prices to be high because that would reduce energy consumption and, in turn, emissions.

  6. That's what they campaigned for until it actually happened.

  7. You'd think we'd be trying to encourage investment rather than discourage it, given how tight global energy supplies are.

  8. Will they actually invest in what we need them to though, my guess is 'not a feckin chance'. A shed load of the obscene profit has already been paid out to shareholders.

  9. The current windfall tax is quite clever in that regard, taxing profits highly but giving tax breaks for new investment. Most of the current talk about more taxes is about getting rid of that, which I think is a bad idea.

  10. Doesn't this just highlight how poorly informed the public are about the energy crisis? It comes across as the media bragging about how sucessful their misinformation campaign has been.

  11. Don't think I see a path for blackshear. He played well but he's pretty far down the depth chart at RB

  12. Yeah I could see him making it over Duke Johnson, the problem is Duke isn't making the roster either.

  13. Honestly Crowder might be in trouble if he doesn't step it up.

  14. So Hodgins is either making the team or getting picked up on waivers, right?

  15. At least the commentry is interesting even if it's a bit silly. It's a preseason game, who cares.

  16. The s&p 500 increased by approx 2% on the 10th of August but the HSBC American Index C ( it’s meant to replicate S&P 500) didn’t increased by that number, it was 0.3%. I appreciate that it may not increase exactly 2% but I was expected more than 0.3%. Any help to understand would be appreciated. Thank you

  17. Sterling rose significantly as well. Your holdings are denominated in $ but you are buying and selling them in £.

  18. It’s funny because only minutes ago I heard on the news (BBC radio) that the talks had been ‘successful’. How you measure success at the Beeb is anyone’s guess.

  19. They talked, therefore the talks were successful. If everyone had just sat in silence they would have been unsuccessful.

  20. Nice to see those evil price gougers turning back into philanthropists.

  21. Why is it always "police" failing victims? The government runs the police and decides how much funding they get, surely it's the government failing victims?

  22. The current windfall tax is planned to last for 3 years so plenty of time for investment decisions.

  23. These oil companies making sudden huge profits should be paying at least 65% tax on all profits

  24. Right, a tax rate of 65% sounds high but times are tough so it's probably fair, as long as there's some relief for new investment because we really need more production. Get it done Tories.

  25. Say about 92% tax relief for new investment to boost production?

  26. That sounds really useful while energy is being used to hold Europe hostage by an evil genocidal tyrant.

  27. In the case of the state, sounds more like bastardized neoliberalism than an "obsession with efficiency" to me.

  28. People don't invest much in businesses in the UK, they go for property instead which is seen as a sure thing.

  29. We have a punter competition although most people think Araiza will take it.

  30. There's been a lot of political & media focus on the financial costs of the energy crisis, and seemingly very little on the issue of getting more energy to meet demand.

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