1. Get a high end leupold or go European, zeiss and Swarovski are unobtainable for me but Holy fuck i wish I had never looked through one

  2. What about Chase Briscoe's cousin Ryan /s

  3. I thought they were brothers for longer than I should have....

  4. I'll give it a listen, I wish they would go back to not having guests every week, it was ok occasionally but I'm over it already

  5. I enjoyed Jeff a lot so I take back my opinion. Keep on keeping on guys

  6. Fuck it, one year of Arsenal CL is worth seeing Chelsea get dissolved. I hate Arsenal but respect them in a way, I only loathe Chelsea

  7. I had to take a break of ridiculous stuff for similar reasons, I've worked back up a little but don't mess with the ridiculous stuff anymore

  8. By doing the same thing every one does when they win? They waved the checkers...

  9. I’m just getting into guns and I’m hoping to have this mindset:

  10. I wouldn't get an m1 to hunt... Heavy to carry all day. I Iove my tikka t3 for a bolt action hunting rifle

  11. Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like it comes in lefty. That’s my other limiting factor….

  12. Tikka has the smoothest action I have ever ran outside of a ridiculous high end rifle. It's on rails covered in butter. I was looking at cheaper options but picked up the tikka and ran the bolt once and pretty much said box it up. I liked the cz eclipse as well, and savage makes a very nice entry level as well. There's a YouTube channel called backfire that has some really good reviews on hunting guns and calibers if you can put up with a little republican bs

  13. I love my t3 hunter, smoothest action I've ever ran outside of some ridiculous high dollar stuff, great trigger as well.

  14. I saw a Ruger Mark I in a pawn shop the other day, what an elegant design those are

  15. If you're thinking about one, pony up for a new mark iv, the older ones suckkkkk to reassemble

  16. I too wish to larp as the dictator of a small, oil rich, middle eastern country.

  17. They gotta bring an f1 car next time for Chase and rest of the SHR guys to rip around in

  18. It really is as simple as “more pay.” A teacher’s salary should be enough to fully support 2 people. Also, paid apprenticeships would help, instead of this bullshit “student teaching” set-up we currently have, where the would-be teacher is paying (and likely accruing debt) for the privilege that is working as a teacher.

  19. Just bought a gravel bike (kona rove), haven't had time to hit the trail yet but you just described why im getting rid of my road bike and not looking back

  20. Coors banquet or labatt/moulson are my go too cheap crushables

  21. Easy choices, I don't like Tampa but it's nothing personal, same with Carolina. Fuck Toronto, fuck Boston. Two of my least favorite teams in the league with Philly, Ottawa, and Detroit

  22. https://twitter.com/indycaronnbc/status/1525565931182821381?s=21&t=YQAUfQll_j2Wgvgw9KkvwQ

  23. My two arm tattoos are always visible, wear short sleeve shirts every day. Kids ask what they are but that's it.

  24. NASCAR fan here! Uhhhh...about that...

  25. It’s definitely a problem. I have zero friends to watch games with.

  26. Living not where I grew up, Im used to drinking with the different sub reddits while I watch my teams. Buffalo bills checking in. It's not bad honestly

  27. There is NO way Tony let’s MJF go anywhere in 2024. He’s gonna get the Jericho contract

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