1. The ones right on top that make it look like a lil shocked face, I love those but I can’t figure how it’s pierced or the name for it. The stacked lobes look really good tho

  2. It’s just 2 lobe piercings with flatback labret studs!

  3. Yeahh green, blue & black are my favourite colours!

  4. Oh it was gnarly. Temperamental teenager of a piercing but absolutely worth the trouble because it’s unique and looks awesome. I made a post breaking down my entire healing experience, I’ll find and link it for you!

  5. Thankyou so much! I’m currently tryna heal my daith as well as I have irritation bumps on that & same as you my vertical helix orbital was impulse pretty much as I only decided I wanted it a few days before, I healed my industrial pretty easily so I’m hoping this piercing will be similar, I’m deffo babying it tho 😂

  6. Congratulations, my goal size is 0g or 00g for my septum. I'm at 4g and that was pretty brutal for me. Made my soft palate and front teeth throb for about 30 minutes to an hour after the stretch. Be super careful about the mini blow out. Massage with jojoba or wherever you're choice lube is

  7. Thankyou! I hope you make it to your goal size eventually! I totally get the teeth throbbing part, I’ve had that after every stretch ever since my 10g stretch 😂 & I will do! I’ve been massaging it with jojoba and I’ve done some neilmed saline soaks too, it’s only been a day or so but it seems to be getting better already thankfully!

  8. I like the blue room—so peaceful and calm.

  9. Thankyou! I like both colours equally (irl my hair is acc a split dye of green and blue 😂) I think I’ve decided I’m gonna try and get all items for both colours and rotate between the 2 each week! I’m just hoping I can get the blue door more than anything, keeping my fingers crossed for the mystery chests!

  10. Thank you so much!! I’ll try this how do I remove the water without accidentally damaging any eggs?

  11. I would use a pipette to suck the water from the bottom out. The eggs will stay at the top, so perhaps even carefully pouring would work.

  12. Hi! I just want to say Thankyou so much! I did exactly what you said and it worked! I tipped all the water into a bowl, gave the tank a good clean and then used the pipette to get all the water back into the tank (took a while) then filled up the rest with bottled water and kept giving it a good stir, today I checked the tank and I saw about 10 little sea monkeys swimming around, they’re very tiny but they’re there! The water is still looking a bit cloudy but most the green stuff is gone (apart from the water having a slight tinge of green and a bit of green stuff at the very bottom) and the smell is gone!

  13. Sadly I don't know of anywhere. I've had to order pinchers in all the 0.5mn increments from my pierced size to my goal size from BAF in the USA so that at least I'm only paying and waiting for shipping once. But given that stretching will take years the cost doesn't seem so much from that perspective.

  14. How much is shipping and how long do they take to ship to UK? I was looking on there but they do seem rather expensive considering I can usually get multiple pinchers/pieces of jewellery for the price of 1 pincher on there

  15. I made the same mistake too, If anyone knows if you can buy the Halloween gifts in the shop plz lmk :(

  16. That looks infected in the second photo, have the jewlery changed if you can, but if start trying to clear up the swelling and puss if you can first to avoid irritating it

  17. Thank you! And yeah I wouldn’t want to change it out if it is infected until it’s gone down a bit coz that could risk trapping the infection I’m pretty sure, I’m gonna keep cleaning it and monitoring it for a month or so and see how it goes and then I’ll get it changed, on the plus side even if the bumps don’t go down or take a while to go down they’re pretty hidden bumps anyways

  18. I'm just now level 7 with my finch Patch she's adorable.

  19. How long did it take/how much affection points do you have? :)

  20. 🖤 I absolutely LOVE your setup. This maximalist look with classic titanium jewelry is badass!

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