1. Sounds like Yamaoka’s work, at least. Edit: This could literally just be anything, especially without being given any further proper context. We don’t even know where it’s from, and it’s likely fan made.

  2. The interesting thing like all theories is that only the public without any context can be anything The font comes from a well-known gaming company censor the name for toxicity

  3. What renowned press? Why did you blurred its name? Why should we trust you?

  4. Delete the name because the community is usually very toxic

  5. Do you have the wallpaper for download?

  6. The icons are from the hyperdimension neptunia theme, it's free on psn store, I just changed the wallpaper

  7. Mission complete and how, there gonna tell stories about this one boss

  8. You’re talking about the Big Boss fight at the end..

  9. Is it possible to make these dynamic wallpapers on ps4?

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