1. This is funny but it's actually pretty much how it works (according to my limited knowledge) the funny red frisbees in your blood get oxidized in the lungs and ubers the O2 to the rest of your body

  2. Rare opinion, I like to walk/run around in the rain and kill scafs and enjoy the rain.... but I am just a rain lover in real live... fuck good weather, rain, thunder and snow is the best weather

  3. You are what's called a pluviophile: someone who finds peace of mind during storms. I'm one too

  4. lol, pretty amazing camera coverage they got on their lander. They only managed the one probe but got 8 different camera angles on it, huh? Very impressive.

  5. Clearly they sent the camera man first to capture the moment perfectly

  6. Lol the TK comment made me laugh. How shit is the community that seeing pretty rainbow inspires so much anger

  7. To me, R6 is known as the game all of my old toxic friends play. It's no surprise honestly

  8. Easy! Play more games with friends! I will be your friend and you can add me on steam ifn ya like! :)

  9. Yeah I have a couple of friends we play with that are girls and catch so much cringe from other people. Try posting around asking about all female communities and you'll likely find one. I know they exist out there. But like most comments suggest, find enough cool people you can reliably play with so you don't have to deal with shitters or that'll at least defend you from them

  10. Jesus christ my man. Detach internet and reddit and especially jokes from reality. The reason you're doing something right is because nearly everyone in these subs are so chronically online they are detached from real world. Its plainly obvious from all the comments saying "well why u angy" or "why is what this person does a problem" no one but yon are angry, no one but you guys get upset over jokes on the internet.

  11. "No one but 'You guys'"? Who? Redditors? People who like VTubers? Who's this unknown party that's upset you?

  12. I mean it seems like that person really got under your skin. While you were preaching from the mountain of life it looked like you got caught caring and slipped a little. God forbid you actually cared about anything, it would totally ruin your self-loathing image

  13. Companies and shareholders can count on the rabid insanity of these fans. They'll always hold the bag

  14. If I got a birthday cake that said "OLD" on it I would cry. This is hilarious

  15. It just needs a little recording of the old spirit box saying OLD and it would be even better. 😂

  16. I'm just imagining all my friends and family singing happy birthday to me and once they bring out the cake all of them pull out recordings of the old spirit box saying OLD. Just a cacophony of haunting, synthesized audio reverberating through my skull

  17. Damn 41, I don't know why your post is in limbo atm. As a fellow voice actor, I respect your VO talent in Tarky. I'll definitely check out the channel to see where your career goes

  18. I'm an oddity. My fellow content creators are all pretty stumped as to why I don't get very much exposure.

  19. Yeah it is strange. Well, I'll leave you some nice comments both for the algorithm and your self esteem

  20. You raise a really good point, but in the end you're doing yourself a disservice. You've turned a critical thought into a parody of itself

  21. Destiny. Both. I don’t make friends online and play exclusive solo offline. This game is made for rinse and repeat type players (forgive me I don’t know the term for these type MMO games) with a friend base as an online team. And I hated it. Was on eBay in a week after launch.

  22. It's one of those games that takes advantage of the player's time. You do the same thing over and over to stick a new shiny piece to your player model just to make a number go up so that you finally progress through the game's content. Even with friends this game suffers from grind along with it forcing you into pvp for certain aspects

  23. My guy, I see you out here hustling for Odd Taxi. You have my utmost respect

  24. I've got the same card and can run the game fine on low and medium. My biggest issue was RAM and having to swap to an SSD

  25. I've been get smoked by 5.45. Most of my deaths are getting hosed down by PP or BT.

  26. With talk like that you probably get smoked by just about everything else. Just a joke btw

  27. Add a couple of years to that for good measure. I got next year pegged for more RMT changes

  28. They really need to buff all the key rooms across the board to make it so you are not loot running one room, but picking and choosing what to get out with. The 3 story dorms should have all kinds of stuff but people just got the safe rooms in 2 story and marked room in 3 unless you are running junk spawns. Just frustrating how meta the game gets when the mantra of the devs is anti-meta.

  29. Yeah I never imagined how tedious and unfun the game would start getting when they started going out of their way to bring down the laser beam meta. Even with the loot nerfs, I could say that at least the PvP and PvE was still fun. Now? Not so much unless you use the UMP or AKM. Be careful what you wish for I guess

  30. Except TTK is still very low because you don't need full auto when 2 shots can kill through tier 4 armor. You also don't need accuracy (as much) when fight at closer ranges.

  31. Only if you can hit those two shots. If you're using the handful of dev curated firearms that can shoot straight after the initial recoil kick then you're golden. God forbid you run something that shoots 556

  32. Good. I hope 80% of people abuse is so they fix it sooner

  33. People have been glitching their head through walls in reserve to see where other players are for the last 3 wipes. It doesn't give me hope

  34. Want more history that you won't find on him anymore? He established a high school in Tennessee so that the children of his home could get an education. The one thing he asked from the government after returning from the war was a promise that they would fund the school even after his death. York Agricultural Institute was the only federally funded high school in the nation afaik. Then around 2015 they went back on their promise and left it up to the state to fund YAI.

  35. Worked at a pizza hut for two years, it's just a soulless fast food joint that exploits franchisees who then exploit employees. Went back to work there in a different state and they refused to hire cooks, I was the only one most days. And a higher up would come in to pressure me to work faster by making pizzas so fast that the pizzas came out like shit. Eat little Caesar's, it's garbage but at least it isn't overpriced garbage

  36. Not only inertia but also malfunctions, heat, and feed failures from high cap mags. Recoil doesn't need to be broken anymore

  37. I'm dumb? The post is asking why people want the armband and this dude commented without mentioning anything about the original question. It has nothing to do with the post

  38. Can't slow down, gotta be max level with all skills on Elite by week 4 AND be bored enough to say the game is dead by week 5, or else it's a waste of time!

  39. Lol I know you're joking but this shit is too real. I'm getting ready for all those idiots to post en masse soon

  40. Hey pal, I recently changed my boot drive from an HDD to my SSD and it solved my problems. For me, my entire system was chunking and causing stutters because Windows was using a rather large paging file constantly. If you don't own an SSD it's recommended you have one for this dumb game. Hope this helps

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