1. Bro where is this i needa fly out there 💀

  2. Your middle shelf is so good berserk, vinland saga and what are those jojo volumes and those AOT Box sets

  3. Thank you! And yeah part 5 of JoJo's and the AOT box sets are amazing. I just need to collect the rest of jojos now.....

  4. No like i have never seen those box sets, is that anime or another language manga?

  5. Its the box sets for the attack on titan manga in english print

  6. All of the manga I’ve collected I’ve previously read online. I really only buy the physical volumes of the manga I enjoy. However buying the volumes also gives me the opportunity to reread the series to refresh me on everything. I try to read everything as soon as I buy it, so I don’t have a bunch of unread volumes. It honestly really surprises me how much my rating of some of the manga I have change after a reread.

  7. Nice collection, but bro PLEASE get a new shelf

  8. I loved vagabond, trynna get a good deal on the singles rn

  9. Waiting for the last box set that comes out in october

  10. First collect your uncompleted series like OP and Bleach i.e. and afterwards go for Hxh :)!

  11. Yeah I’m just collecting those by the box sets so its prolly gunna be a while before they get back in stock

  12. Yeah i read it so long ago but already forgot half the stuff, might buy it and re-read everything again

  13. any rough idea as to when tokyo ghoul’s box set will be restocked?

  14. Honestly, I’m just hoping for anytime this year..

  15. very cool collection! what's your opinion on Bleach and Demon Slayer? What would be your first pick and why?

  16. My first pick would definitely be Bleach. Although they are both very good series, I believe Bleach has better aspects when it comes to art, characters, world building, and fights. I also carry a lot of favor towards Bleach, since I grew up with it. But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading through Demon Slayer. Although it has a really simple premise, it does execute most of its themes perfectly, which is what makes it enjoyable to read. I would rate Bleach a 9/10, and Demon Slayer an 8/10.

  17. The 11th volume should come this summer (July if I remember well), and the 12th is scheduled this year

  18. Yeah i cant wait to collect those as well!

  19. You probably read some online, and you pick and choose series that you really love to actually buy physically.

  20. Ah Bleach, loved the character design and the story even though I never finished. Beautiful indeed

  21. I never finished it either but i decided to start reading again

  22. Which bookshelf did you get? It’s really nice.

  23. Heyy quick question, are vol 2 and 3 of spy x family from the recent restock??

  24. Yeah i ordered them online when they restocked at b&n

  25. _nhr says:

    Those spine are nice. Did you get them online or in store?

  26. I bought them online at Barnes & Nobles, some to ship and some to pick up in store

  27. _nhr says:

    You are so lucky if they send you the perfect alignment one. My luck always off when buying them online. I bought my manga from kinokuniya and they’re really suck. Can’t even ask for an exchange. My only option for buying manga is Book depository which I like because they’ll always refund if the books has defect/damage

  28. Yeah i feel you, all my demon slayer volumes have the worst alignment ever and looks bad on my shelf

  29. The first Naruto 3-in-1 volume. I got it as a gift for Christmas and started collecting manga since

  30. Yeah they just dont have it in stock anywhere near me

  31. I usually get my stuff from barnes & nobles and books a million, but sometimes they have really good deals at target, like when i got my s3 part 2 box set for only $30

  32. In my opinion it definitely is, i got recommended to read it by a friend, and fell in love with it

  33. Thanks! What else do u think i should get?

  34. i would say My hero Academia or Given

  35. I love my hero but havent read given, ill check it out

  36. Nice picks, i need to get my hands on sone junji ito manga too

  37. Yes! I'm really looking forward on getting Smashed next

  38. Havent read that one yet, should i start it?

  39. Definitely some jojo’s, aot, chainsaw man, and jjk. Blue period is also pretty good but its not for everyone

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