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  1. Nice. I just boil mine. Leaves a slight thin layer of cosmoline that's not sticky. Kinda like a waxy feel plus retains that beautiful smell

  2. Here it to hoping I actually get them all, I grabbed those 10 and then checked the page, OOS.

  3. It cost me 20€ for shipping in Europe ... How much it was for you ? 45 ?


  5. I actually just bought the black ones for a build. They look great and shipping was fast.

  6. Oof, those reviews though. Kinda scared to order after looking them up.

  7. the holy nation's gay af. just a ton of buff guys who hate women running around, keeping other buff guys as their slaves and beating them

  8. Nothing wrong with two, cool, straight dudes getting married for the insurance. Hanging out together and reading the Holy Flame.

  9. I guess you did manage to turn back time, just not as far as you wanted.

  10. I am in need of one of these in light Grey, i was building and then one of these snapped, i need 2 of Them and only have one Working now. I have looked through cobi parts and cant find it, please help

  11. Check block by piece on cobi's website, it might be under general spare parts.

  12. Yeah tiktok is definitely not the place to learn about ferrets from XD. At least the noodle here looks okay for the most part

  13. Tiktok isn't the place for animals at all. Most of the time its stolen content or people treating their animals (or kids) like shit.

  14. What happens if you pull the lever?

  15. Neat, do you still get the new portrait?

  16. Its a inner monologue thing with the mirror, so nothing actually happens.

  17. Over a dozen Albanian SKS' have been posted and sold on GB for anywhere between $800-1200 over the last 90 days. They are definitely an "uncommon" and unique SKS variant, but they are nowhere near the same ballpark as the NK, NVA and East German makes, of which none have been posted on GB in the last 90 days, and likely one could surmise there are under 1000 total combined in the states due to the nature in which they would have arrived here

  18. There is a North Korean SKS on Gunbroker right now, actually.

  19. Prepare for poop, and make it double. Seriously, the best advice anyone ever gave me was. "No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you clean, you'll find a surprise poop somewhere."

  20. Yes, if they have dust or oils, and pretty much none of them do now. Anything made for small animals is going to be 99.9% dust free and additive free.

  21. Pine pellets tend to be a lot better, also cheaper. I think I get a 40lb bag for about $12.

  22. So they won't even bother to check if my stinky van i buy in Seattle has passed the smog check?

  23. You'll need a registration sticker, if you have that and plates? Nope. Good to go.

  24. I had my van with that near exact setup, but with Cherry Bombs. It sounded amazing going down the road, but driving it was another story. It quickly got to the point where it just was so loud on the inside, and axle dumping it made it stink. Had to tone it down.

  25. It's a real company, they were selling some of their older work vans. Works pretty well for stealth when needed as well though haha

  26. I'd be afraid someone would see it and think "free tools".

  27. I had the same problem with my latest rescue, one of my current business just did not get along with them for the longest time. Took over a month, but now theyre play buddies every time they're out.

  28. Keep up on changing the litter. 2-3 days, all natural pine pellets tend to mask it pretty well. Do a deep clean on your cage once a week. Pull everything out, wash it and wipe the cage down with a rag and some warm water. Bathe them when needed, which is normally every few months.

  29. That is the most 80s paint job I've seen in awhile.

  30. I want the Orzel so bad. I haven't been able to find it in the US at a reasonable price.

  31. Just depends on how creative you are, people have put out some amazing MOC sets. Maybe check the cobi-fans facebook page for ideas?

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