1. I do it to my wife every time... It's a good sign for me to see she orgasms...

  2. Yes, as far as you can call it gardening on my balcony (I have plants there). Note; me being naked on my balcony is not visible from the street below.

  3. Being naked is just way more comfortable compared to wearing clothing. It gives you a great feeling of freedom.

  4. Being naked, in restraints, in a large room full of partying (horny) woman.

  5. I like both, but I really love it when my wife ties me down naked.

  6. Very much in favor. Lets start today!

  7. It's how I havce done it since before my relationship with my wife even began. I always get naked when I get home, and don't get dressed again until I have to go out again. I just never stopped doing that.

  8. Why cover yourself, if they have seen it already? Just act like it is perfectly normal.

  9. How did you find this mundane post a month later?

  10. I personally feel most comfortable when I'm clothesfree. I was just looking to see if I could find any polls related to that. I placed a reaction, as the answer I would give to the question was not one of the options, and aside from that, I discovered Reddit seems to put a time limit on how long you can vote on a poll, making placing a reaction the only way left to make your opinion/answer to the question known.

  11. Ofcourse... Otherwise, they'd fall right back into crime when they get out, which is pretty much the last thing you want...

  12. With "Connor" I would constantly be thinking of the Terminator movies (character John Connor). With "Jack", I am thinking of Jack O'Neill from the series Stargate SG-1... A far better role model in my opinion.

  13. Hinduism, as that is what my wife and her family believes in. However, that does not mean I'll actually start believing in these things myself. You can perhaps force someone to pretent they believe, but you can't actually make them believe it.

  14. 90 minutes (1,5 hours). I depart home at 7:15, arrive at my desk at the office at 8:45.

  15. Against; I see it as mutilation. Especially as it is mostly done to babies, who cannot object to a part of their body being cut off.

  16. Pretty much the same you'd also need in a clothed community (except clothing). Only in a nudist community you might expect both the customer and the service provider to be naked.

  17. I would love it if my wife would become more kinky...

  18. I do not wear underwear. I have it, but rarely use it. The less clothes, the better.

  19. Worst; during a school 5-day excursion on a sailing ship, one of the other participants decided to break open all our bagage to take a look around, what we brought with us. I saw him as a criminal ever since.

  20. I love being naked and I think nudity should be normalized. Therefore I don't mind neighbors seeing me. Look all you want, and if you don't want to see me, nobody is forcing you; you are perfectly free to look in another direction.

  21. Just asking me would be enough. Assuming I am available at the requested time.

  22. Won't happen. If naked becomes normal, it will not be exciting anymore. Therefore you won't get erections in these situations.

  23. I have done it twice already. One time for an artist who wanted someone to pose naked for an acrylic panting (he wasn't very good), and one time for someone who needed a model to make drawings (he was a lot better).

  24. Definitely Yes! Being naked is far more comfortable compared to wearing clothing. So at home I am pretty much always naked. If we had the freedom to be clothesfee outside in public too, I would take it, as only rhen I'd truly feel comfortable and just myself.

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