1. Oh I’ve got one too! Sadly it’s broken. It’s funny sometimes I forget it’s even there.

  2. Wait where did get that watch?? Did you have it since birth??

  3. Tq Brother. As a first time voter, i think ive seen enough political memes n bs to last the new term.

  4. Damn, nostalgia is one hell of a drug, man

  5. Because they utilized the full potential of ultra power.

  6. Come on Tiga, Take me, Take me Higher!

  7. Tiga: "Well thats .... great, but i gotta go pickup some milk, so I'll be right back" (flies away)

  8. Tiga: (panics) Uhhh Its not what you think dear.

  9. Satu bakal berdiri, Satu bakal tumbang

  10. Yeah...I wonder why. Surely not everyone is born via C-section. 🤔🤔🤔

  11. I can speak from experience because I saw this video when I was younger.Back then, I always thought that this was the only method to give birth.Its only when i got older then the process is not that common.

  12. The Virgin "Motivation" : Guilt tripping, melancholic tunes and sad story

  13. It hardens in response to physical trauma.You cant hurt, Max.

  14. If you are willing to wait for her, then respect her decision and wait. If not, let her go. Its entirely up to you.

  15. Zero:"In the name of the inter galactic defense force you are under arrest"

  16. Ni mesti keja Irfan ni. Tk dk suspek len dh.

  17. So im guessing Tiga went out to buy milk, right??

  18. You want to go home and rethink your life.

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