1. U said if they can’t afford the credit price for it but everyone is saying it’s worth 700 credits lol it’s worth atleast 150k

  2. They cant afford the credit price because if they sell a reaper for 100$ like most of the colours, how are they going to get a reaper for 20k?

  3. They are selling them for 200 plus every single reaper is over 200

  4. Yes, but it also contains videos from various social media apps that were saved from there.

  5. That's strange, your camera album should only be from your camera.

  6. I quicksold mine for 27k yesterday 🤷‍♂️

  7. If it was that easy to stop then why are you even considering going back to it?

  8. There are a bunch of fuckers on rlg that do this. Best way to solve it is to do everything in messages. Confirm the item your trading and the price of it. If they say anything in game chat about increasing the price when you get in the lobby, just leave

  9. It's useless that you cant talk to the other team between goals or something. I wanted mw2 lobbies

  10. Oh great now I'm confused. Positive I put in a clean break between throwaway comment and actual point. Even then, if you have taken it seriously and are interested in why I thought everyone should receive it, then you could have added your counter opinion. Pretty boring conversation if you just ask and I reply, this ain't no ama

  11. Honestly i didnt even notice that, you werent the only person in the thread to say something along the lines of this but you might have been the only one joking 😅 I just chose the wrong comment to reply to randomly

  12. It's not that nobody else should have it, who said that? Now you're just making shit up

  13. yes but they honesty don’t mind it or ever take action. It’s not morally wrong nor hurting anyone, but sure against TOS but I’ve spent like $400 on there oh well

  14. There’s a couple people with multiple. And there’s also about 5 I know of on random Accounts with no intention to sell that paid less then 15k for them. Idk how they hold out when an offer like that comes through! Lol

  15. I saw 2 people with 2 myself in lobbies. Admittedly at the time I didn’t realise this was so rare of a thing at the times and didn’t ss.

  16. Well well well look who rose from the dead once again! Nobody can escape the chronic rocket league addiction 🤣

  17. So this symbol “.” is called a period and typically goes at the end of a sentence.

  18. I give up with reddit Ive gotten to the point where everyone i meet here CANT FUCKING READ

  19. Hey man I'll sell you my bitcoin for 1 million because I heard a few people say it will get that high!

  20. Completing homework is studying don't forget. Also college is another level. Like its nearly impossible to compare junior cert HW to Leaving cert HW. Different demands and all.

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