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  1. Thanks! Guess I can use that when I repost this joke next week then.

  2. I'll comment that it would be funnier if it was Navy Seals

  3. Would you prioritize windows or insulation?

  4. If you have just solid walls, then insulation. But if you have openings in them I would recommend filling those with windows.

  5. But which is better, replacing all your wall with window or window with wall

  6. The best insulation is to have a small house perhaps 7 ft by 3 ft by 2 ft buried 6 ft underground. They even come with these steel vaults to surround them for added insulation.

  7. Not sure I know the meaning of "throw bad money after good" in that context. I'm sure they meant "throw good money after bad"

  8. Maybe it was funded by money stolen from the Malaysian people again.

  9. At one of the restaurants I worked at, there was only one key to the “wine cellar” to be able to restock wine and liquor. One bartender that worked there took that bitch home like once a week even though we had a strict “don’t put the keys in your pocket because you WILL forget and take them home” rule.

  10. At our gym, the key is attached to a 5lb dumbbell. You put it in your gym shorts pocket and you hurt your foot while you moon the room

  11. For comparison the USA spent 2% of its GDP annually for 10 years to put a man on the moon.

  12. That would just be working against all the money we're putting in to enhance climate change.

  13. What is a VLT? Jesus, how is anyone supposed to know an acronym if you don't say it first?

  14. They should use the ernings from this mashines to pay for the healthcare of vets.

  15. Then the problem gambler is going to say at least I'm contributing to helping vets. I might as well keep going.

  16. This is incorrect. The boots/shoes/flippers (yes I saw a scuba flipper on a post before.) Are there so you can see the fence post from a distance when checking your fence line.

  17. This, plus I rewrite error messages in screenshots into ticket notes so the search function finds them.

  18. Ctrl-C when the error window is up copies the text of it

  19. Separation of church and state. Hospitals aren't churches.

  20. Restaurant Owner: If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to go out and eat

  21. I used to use weather underground for checking he weather all the time and I always wondered why that was their name lmao

  22. No. So many Americans are such terrible tourists that we just assume that all BAD tourists are American.

  23. Those cars look like horseless carriages

  24. Looks like you have the power on the radios turned too high.

  25. I showed this movie to 2 of my siblings. They laughed, the entire way through. Had tears from laughter at a couple points. Then at the end, both said the movie was dumb and they hated it.

  26. I laughed during Good Burger, but I wouldn't call it a good movie. There are just some movies you hate yourself for enjoying.

  27. This comic brought to you by the Therapist Council

  28. You can make an appointment to get in with the therapist in 7 months.

  29. that is what internet provider, frontier provided just as you see it. I plan to replace it with a cat 6a

  30. It's just a cable. Might as well but a good one. Https://monoprice.com

  31. The guy never faced any repercussions for this. You'd think there was enough evidence but they couldn't find anything concrete.

  32. It was hushed up for security reasons. He was part of a culvert operation.

  33. This is also how I handle leftovers that might still be good, but also might not.

  34. Bro. Any idea how much the US made being neutral for most of WW1?

  35. Awful people measure their actions against the worst they can find in anybody else's past, but it is no excuse for being awful.

  36. Am I misunderstanding this or isn’t HIPAA potentially crippled since Roe getting overturned? I mean I know it’s codified itself, but if it’s done so on the grounds of privacy being a right, that now the SC says isnt, doesn’t that make HIPAA unconstitutional according to their new interpretation?

  37. Roe V Wade was considered a stretch by the court while hipaa is an actual law.

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