One Piece: Chapter 1063

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  1. They took out the line of mayuri talking about ikkaku bankai & ichigo finding out he had one 😂 or was that scene later?

  2. Ywach will kill you for breathing while he talks lol ruthless Mayuri will experiment & torture you…IF he doesn’t believe youre useful but it’s shown he’ll leave you alone for the most part Aizen as long as your strong he cool

  3. I would absolutely love for him to go out like he did in secret wars fighting the beyonders that’d be bad ass, but he’ll prob sacrifice himself after reuniting with Loki then meeting the rest of the fam in Valhalla maybe get what Janes catch phrase is there too idk

  4. He didn’t surpass Kisuke BUT he was without a doubt the mvp of this arc he went crazy 🔥

  5. Kefka for sure. Kuja up there as well kinda as he destroyed the world (terra) if I remember.

  6. Zero. Hate to say it but RE7 as well love the opening but hate the 3rd act it’s painful to play. And ofc RE6

  7. It’s not the worst it’s just more wasted potential. So many characters & plots set up just for nothing to happen. The first invasion - ywach killing soul king is perfect but afterwards everything falls apart. I don’t entirely blame kubes as his series was getting canned + his health so hopefully the anime can fix all the issues

  8. I thought Jesus burgess was wearing a metal masked but realized that half his face is mechanical now.. Is that why Oda hid his face after dressrosa Sabo blew his face off?

  9. Aizen BUT ywach had more potential from the first invasion to when he kills the soul king is amazing but then he kinda just…does nothing? Lol like litterally sits there until the end it’s kinda sad but hopefully the anime can fix this

  10. Ohhhhhh ye! I was wondering why he wasn’t playable when all his boys were! And he had the best fight in part 5 so I’m very excited he deserves to be in here

  11. Was never a big fan of arena as it was just raid and colosseum put into one cutting 2 content at once BUT atleast it was something. It’s gone meaning there’s Like no f2p units (there barely been any and if there were then they were only useful for 1 month max lol) Now it’s just booster event, kizuna, TM repeat? This game in a sad state and they needa fix up soon

  12. If the Mon falls asleep stop the attack and try to bomb it

  13. If only most people would follow this lol (I’ll admit sometimes I be mid swing when it happens 😂)

  14. I’ mean jokers not lying lol. Bane always has the sickest set up then the writers have him fumble the bag towards the end

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