1. 52f. Married 20 years, lh died 9 years ago. First I was just busy raising the kids. Now busy trying to figure out how to work and earn and survive. I never dated. I’m mostly okay, though. I wouldn’t say that I’m happy, but okay.

  2. I read Brideshead and Flannery O'Connor while I was converting. What a ride! Brideshead is the only book that I've reread immediately upon finishing the first read.

  3. You can’t imagine the turns your life will take. You can’t see the future, and what you see now is not the future. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  4. I think this is totally normal. Well, not *normal*, you know, but normal for us. I'm at 9 1/2 years and I still don't fully believe he's not coming back. I thought I saw him the other day.

  5. I am so sorry. Can you find a therapist who is trained in trauma? They will have ways to help the physical symptoms, too. EFT helps me, but your trauma is on a different level than mine (my husband did not do it in front of me). You can start with deep breathing exercises, trying to get some good nutrition into you, and maybe some magnesium supplements. Drink a protein shake if that's all you can do. But you really should talk to someone trauma informed. Hugs.

  6. I have a master’s in humanities/classical education. I spent a year working at a classical charter school and hated it. Now I teach homeschool classes and tutor.

  7. Save your money. There are lectures, books, notes, and videos in abundant supply, and for cheaper, now that we have the internet. Instead of hearing some local professor drone on about what they think, you can listen to some of the best in the field on Great Courses, or go directly to the source itself, by reading the texts.

  8. An actual liberal arts education should involve lots of conversation, not listening to a professor drone. That’s doing it wrong.

  9. It's more disco-ish to me. I never got a country vibe from it. Have you heard the acoustic version? It's drop-dead gorgeous.

  10. I don't get disco from it at all. To me it sounds like Fleetwood Mac. There are parts of it where if you just swapped out Christine McVie for Brandon, no one would notice.

  11. I was terrified of taking Cipro, but so sick that I did it anyway. I’ve had Cipro 2 or 3 times, Flagyl a couple, and some close cousin to Cipro.

  12. I was carded a week ago. I'm old enough to be his mother.

  13. I get it. I really do. My husband killed himself. I could never, and yet, for awhile after he did, I could *see* it. I could understand, really and truly understand, how you could feel that it would be an okay thing to do. I spent a long time wanting to die. Not wanting to kill myself. No plans. No attempt at action. But just being fine if it would happen.

  14. I love Bandit’s “Yes!!” when he hears Pat.

  15. Wonderful visiting priest from Kenya. Spoke about materialism and money, not needed. The only thing needed is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and family.

  16. Just as spiritual, but have since joined the church as have half of our children.

  17. My kids are mostly out of the house. There are still a couple of people who insist on saying I must be so happy to get them out of the house and get my life back.

  18. You’re in shock. For me, it came and went. I’d feel nothing. Numb. And like a monster. Then all the feelings would hit and I’d be a crying wreck. At some point I started getting relieved when the numbness came because I was so tired. Grief is really hard work.

  19. I did not. There is no way I could have. But he took his own life and that changes things.

  20. I’m so, so sorry. I understand - my husband did the same.

  21. I had GERD for decades. It’s totally gone on keto.

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