1. I think there’s a larger issue like a fiber cut in Tampa right now.

  2. they claim no service outage and i’ve been having this issue for a few days now.

  3. Usually it’s like this with Level 1 tech support…

  4. I had 2Gig service for about 2 months but didn't like that I had to use Frontier's router with a MoCA adapter workaround for it (and none of the aftermarket ones tickled my fancy as they all look gaudy) so I downgraded to 1Gig and got some Asus ZenWiFi ET8s (2-pack) to pair it with. In both cases (1Gig and 2Gig), my ping is 8-11ms on PC.

  5. so, I have a MoCA adapter in my network setup as well, and Im wondering if that is the culprit for the ping. but i could be wrong

  6. It’s not abnormal. One of the biggest considerations in your “ping” is your NAT type. Optimizing that can get pretty technical for the average user, but you would essentially want to put your console on its own subnet/VLAN and then put it out in the DMZ. You need to be aware this puts your console outside your firewall (on its own VLAN, unable to talk to the rest of your network), but it virtual assures an unrestricted NAT type. Google “setting up VLAN for (frontier router model name)” and “put xbox in DMZ”. There’s a ton of posts available to show you how to do both things.

  7. im a little more techhy than the average person, so my PS5 has a static IP and has the relevant PSN ports forwarded. my nat type per the console is type 2, which I believe is essentially normal.

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