1. My quest was the first seven. I now have a couple of others plus both hulkbusters. I wished I'd stopped at seven, but I do like the others.

  2. I’m trying to get all 7 now, I have the Iron Man Mark III on pre order as well as the Mark I, I just need the Mark IV and VI, but I’m happy with all of them so gonna continue doing it

  3. Personally I'm not a fan of any of the armors that have a lot of silver, they all look unfinished to me. I really want to get a Mk V beccause IM2 is my favorite film but the silver just doesn't do it for me. Will probably get one when my Whiplash is delivered though lmao

  4. I think the silver on the Iron Man 5 makes it special. It’s unique from the rest of the armors.

  5. I have a Mark 85 BD Iron Man I’m trying to sell off, I wouldn’t charge retail, it’s only been out for a few days, lmk if you’re interested

  6. I really doubt it, but I guess I could be open to it, what do you have?

  7. Sorry my bad I read the title wrong. This is the super star destroyer. Your price was reasonable.

  8. Gotcha, I’m just trying to get anything out of it to pay my medical bills

  9. I know this is super old, but I have one I’m selling to sell, the only problem is that it doesn’t have its pauldron

  10. Haven't posted a list yet, but if you pm I can send you some photos

  11. Sorry for your loss. I’d also be interested in looking just to see if any of my friends or me would pick up any.

  12. Which halo game? Like would you want to do it from the beginning or what?

  13. Hi! I’m looking to sell these 15 cards at the 70% price you be mentioned, lmk if you’re interested.

  14. Hi! I am trying to sell these 8 cards for $120, about 80% of market price. Let me know if you need more pictures! Thanks.

  15. I've got the other staples for Mew (I have a big blue binder of important trainer cards that I usually take with me to my local league to help others out, it's better than selling them off with my bulk). I am absolutely down to work a deal out. Give me a little time to see if any of the bigger slabs sell first as that will help grease the wheels with the wife haha. I can go ahead and set aside the two cards you are interested in though for you!

  16. Hi! I still have some of the cards we talked about plus the playmat, wanted to know if you were still interested

  17. Hello. Interested in Ultra ball and FA Galarian moltres. Would you look at trades?

  18. I see stuff but unfortunately I think I’m more trying to sell than trade

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