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  1. It appears to me that no matter what resolution and quality preset I'm using, the game always runs between 45 and 60 fps while using between 50-80% of the GPU. It feels like these settings don't change anything to me performance wise. Right after loading the save, I have 60 frames. After some short time the game starts fluctuating in performance. It's weird. I would assume the extremity of the native 360p (DLSS) on the lowest preset would give me stable 60 frames on my 2070 but it just doesn't matter, the performance is always the same.

  2. I'm really unhappy with the Steam release. Not only it's going to be 7pm in my time zone, but there's also no preload, so it might take a long time until I'm able to actually run the game.

  3. So you have a good enough computer to run it, but not fast enough internet to download it in 15 mins?

  4. Until I put my hands on the game myself I can’t agree or disagree with the gameplay statements, but I can share my opinion based on what I’ve seen with my eyes and the graphics comment is only half true to me. The indoor lighting was and still is so terrible. I can’t describe what’s technically wrong with it, but it’s just so flat, gray, and evenly lit. I was hoping it will look better in the new previews but unfortunately it doesn’t. This is my main visual criticism.

  5. I think the blacks are raised for the whole game, it leads to that slightly washed out/painted look. And they also seem to go too heavy on the dark-to-light-area blowout effect and it comes out as really odd anywhere with some level of volumetric haze.

  6. To be fair, some of the footage was converted from HDR to SDR (you can see it by how white and burnt out the white parts of UI are) - and the footage you linked is one of them. While it exaggerated the existing problem with graphics, even if the whites are burnt out due to the conversion of formats, the game shouldn’t look so plain, the shadows would still be there. But basically in every released footage from today you can see how badly the interiors are lit.

  7. That is so nice! My main problem with the showcases were the poor lighting, shadows and just lack of ssao. RT will solve all these issues with hopefully not too big of a performance hit (cough cough looks at witcher3). :)

  8. I've been pointing this out many times! The SSAO in showcases was really poor imo. I'm extremely surprised the RT is coming to the game! Hopefully it will fix these issues a little.

  9. Now I wonder if these are based on upscaling (DLSS) or just native resolutions.

  10. I'm gonna go assume that DLSS is not included in this otherwise they would've mentioned upscaling. So enabling DLSS or FSR will give us more GPU room.

  11. I'm hoping for Ultra 60FPS 1080p/1440p on my RTX 2070 so fingers crossed DLSS will help here.

  12. It made me realize how 'finished' the game was back in 2020. Here we are almost 3 years later and it's only going to be released now. It's crazy how much extra work had to be put into something that already looks so polished.

  13. Everything looks so fun except one thing - since I noticed how poor the SSAO is in this game I cannot stop paying attention to it and it's really bugging me every time I see it.

  14. I'm confused, they're clearly concept art, not in game screenshots. I don't know why you got so many downvotes.

  15. Why does the Poacher Stalker sound like this at the end of the video? 💀 this had me dead.

  16. Are you sick? Of course if you buy a game you own that copy. You buy it, it’s not a subscription

  17. It looks great and it's nice to see that they had their own take on these locations, rather than just copying the film sets (although the translucent wooden supports under the ceiling are a bit odd to me).

  18. I would love this to be an optional mini-game. Would I always use it to craft potions? No. But would I love to slow down sometimes and just add ingredients to the cauldron myself and see it boiling? Absolutely yes!

  19. I’m from Poland. It’s just a preorder. It says “pre-order edition” on the box, but the LOL text covered it.

  20. changes made for the game. though the thestrals probably pull up to the road near the quidditch field that starts at western Hogwarts and goes towards the mountains. that's where the gate is. It's marked as a grey rectangle like other buildings

  21. Performance. If you put a huge amount of assets in the area, the game will struggle with it all. So they limited how many things you can have in the room at once.

  22. The lighting in the game looks rather poor imo, everyhting is to bright and seems out of place.

  23. I think the outdoors look good enough (except for the disappearing reflections in the water at the edges of the screen), but that room (principal's office?) at the very end of the showcase was really out of place, everything was evenly lit and just looked very flat (especially the stuff on the bookshelf). But I think this has been the case in every trailer, teaser, and showcase they've shown us - outdoors look good, but interiors look questionable.

  24. I can understand the feeling for the colors, but the lack of depth ? Where ? I'm not sure to understand what you mean by that, because it seems to me that it's not at all the case, and even less in thoses captures.

  25. I think I understand what they mean, because I feel similar. Just looking at the ceiling of the Three Broomsticks you can see the whole location is so evenly lit and lacks deeper shadows that it makes it look very flat. The only dark part is the bar itself. I'm not saying the place should be darker and that would fix it, but every indoor location I've seen in this game has such a weird, unrealistic lighting I can't even explain what's exactly wrong with it.

  26. I feel you. Will be interesting to see how it plays out once we’re in the game ourselves. Perhaps the promo content is edited or specifically capturing views to be vibey and moody to fit the aesthetic they want to put out.

  27. Yeah! I am aware the footage we see is WIP. Actually, if you pay close attention to it, you can see how lighting is constantly changing between different builds of the game they're showing (even in the same locations)! I'm excited to see the final version of the game when it's out :)

  28. Their marketing direction of "we've put so much work, effort, research and mind into this gift for you" instead of "this is the greatest game of all time, give us your money now" is working on me SO WELL.

  29. Do you use any shaders? Or just all your graphics settings on max? This looks incredible.~

  30. Yes, I used GI and DOF shaders here. Then I tweaked the contrast and added noise in Photoshop.

  31. Could you tell me which reshade preset you're using please?

  32. I don't use any preset, I set it myself. It's basically DOF and GI shaders! Then I tweaked the contrast and noise in Photoshop. :)

  33. PERFORMANCE. (Loading times, frame rate, world streaming…as well as graphics—especially concerning shadows)

  34. These are my two main worries after what we've seen so far. I can't speak about the world and how interesting or boring it is until I actually play the game or see more of the gameplay, but the requirements listed on Steam and the graphics (shadows-wise) in the gameplay showcase are what worry me for now.

  35. They better upload these in HQ to official social media accounts SOON.

  36. Keeping up with all these exclusives for each store worldwide should be a class at Hogwarts because, damn, honestly there are so many it's hard to remember what's going on.

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