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  1. If his gimmick is indeed that he rips his shirt then first boot for sure! Though I hope to be surprised!

  2. We're about to make her ultimate winner :)

  3. Staci Slayyyy! Heal Staci, hurt Geoff (man's gotta be knocked down a peg)

  4. The more I think about this the more I believe this could have been canon

  5. JAHHHHH! My great great grandfather invented love! Before that, people used to place everyone in the same tier on their tier lists!

  6. Then maybe finally some people start watching my minecraft videos :')

  7. Ezekiel going home first is just tradition at this point, regardless of how much the odds are in his favor...

  8. Tyler: semi-fair. Broski got voted off fair n sqaure but he DID face his dare by chewing the chickens head off and then it just didn't count because reasons? Plus I feel people are more so sad about his elimination with the chicken boat and my guy being super sad

  9. Literally all of the contestants are talking about how deserving Leshawna is of the win. Plus that parrot... easily one of if not the most unfair elimination in all of TD

  10. Both Lindsay's and Harold's bs eliminations in Action are highly up there. Maybe not at the top, but I feel like they go forgotten among the SMS comments here

  11. "Wegens uw studieschuld kunnen wij u jammergenoeg een hypotheek van maximaal €2,49 aanbieden"

  12. Plot twist: It’s gonna be an old woman name, like Gertrude.

  13. Novel AI, I predicted a bunch of other things with it too for a video I made. Did you know that apparently Ripper is not a human being?

  14. I dunno why but I love the idea of Max being Duncan's worst enemy just because he gets progressively more annoyed by Max's shenannigans

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