1. This is apparently caused by too much traffic on the ATF eForms site and is failing intermittently. Customers have reported better success at lower traffic times of day

  2. I managed to get through later in the evening, and I'm all certified, just awaiting approval now!

  3. There is significantly more volume of Form 4 applications, which is the largest reason for the longer processing time. - Chase

  4. What's the expected timeframe from placing the order for an exempt eForm 1 to ready to certify?

  5. I think I purchased mine on a Saturday so that did impact it a little. Maybe

  6. There are many advantages to Single Shots over a traditional trust, they're much easier to manage with multiple responsible parties, not requiring notarization to form the trust, allows you to be selective with who has access to which items, and makes submission much easier as you do not need all RP's on the trust to add new items.I'll send you a chat to follow up on this,

  7. You cannot change the name on a Single Shot trust, because each trust is specific to a unique serial number, they are named in accordance with that serial number. - Chase

  8. What about a denial for a open background? Had my upin within a week of the disapproval letter… it’s been a months I’ve sent countless emails to compliance and care emails with the upin and disapproval letter with no response back. I’m at 16 months lol

  9. I will assist in getting this corrected and resubmitted,

  10. Yes ELECTRONIC…if they don’t receive them they can send paper copy no problem 😉

  11. Currently, we are seeing 8-9 months on average for ATF Form 4 submissions,

  12. For an eForm4 your dealer is the transferor, so it will not be available in your ATF eForms profile

  13. You can submit directly though us, or get completed fingerprint cards if you want to submit them yourself.

  14. Due to big tech community guidelines, we cannot discuss specifics, but you can easily find them on the site under "services."

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