1. So where are the studies for blue states and what are the death rate of unaffiliated voters? This is a serious question. Shouldn't you have a control group ?

  2. To be fair. If it's on Twitter we don't really know if it's him or not

  3. Maybe they shouldn't have fucked around for the last two years and passed some of it then.

  4. This is the new GOP playbook. Find an area that you think you might be able to win and run there even if you don't actually live there.

  5. Not quite the same, she really did move her primary residence there.

  6. No but she cherry picked a state when the current Senator announced retirement. If I have the timing right she bought the house in NY when she was still first lady and living in the white house so it's a stretch to call that a primary residence

  7. You could hear every man in my office when that happened. Such a high speed impact and then a bonus heel kick. Oooooooof.

  8. I'm lighting a candle and crowd sourcing a crate of frozen peas for him.

  9. Cashed it already, on October 11. Returned the funds four days before the election because the unsolicited donation seemed sketchy. It's in the article.

  10. I was just being snarky given what that guy's creditors are going through right now

  11. The talking heads by and large misread the midterms completely and now moved on to speculative fiction about 2024.

  12. I think the smart ones are circling around to see how the primaries wind up. Then there will be a line of them ready with mouthwash and knee pads if he wins again.

  13. I'm all for the reform act but I don't think Florida is in any danger of going Democrat any time soon.

  14. LOL when my guy was a pup he broke free of me and ran for mom when a low flying flock came over on a cloudy day. It was worse because he just hear them, not see them.

  15. This is so interesting! I have chickens and ducks and my girl is so good with them, guarding them and checking when she hears a fuss. As for other birds though she seems to see them as a potential threat and chase them away whether it is a turkey vulture or the littlest songbird! I can’t figure why. We live in the country, she’s seen them all her life. Goofy.

  16. My boy is very good with livestock but large fowl are something I do not trust him near , If we had some he would view them as part of the household and under his protection but we don't do his reaction is " drumsticks!"!

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