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  1. Someone got mad at me for posting a TikTok (not even in the sub or discord server) about not wanting to kill axolotl eggs, because stalking someone’s social media to get mad at their choices is a totally normal thing to do

  2. I was in a betta discord server and got torn a new one for saying I was having a hard time remembering to do water changes because I broke up with my fiancé. Never again.

  3. Haha he does look to be overweight. How often and how much do you feed him? I could be wrong of course.

  4. Yeah I think I have overfed him as only until recently I saw in this group it should be only once every other day, and I’ve been doing at least 2 worms per day before that 🪱

  5. Oh god. Yeah he’s overweight LOL. one worm (nightcrawler) every other day is the correct amount

  6. Unfortunately there are 11 fish in that tank apparently

  7. Oh my fucking god. I work at a local fish store, and I’ve had a lot of surrender axolotls. I’ve studied medical cases of sick and injured axolotls - including axolotls with radiation poisoning.

  8. we went back today to get it and it was already dead in the tank.

  9. I’m so sorry. That’s awful, but to be expected unfortunately.

  10. I am not! I work at a local aquarium store as the main ‘axolotl guy’ lol

  11. Peoples, those of us whom spent our 20s in BR during the ealry days the new millenium did not have to deal with this stuff. EVER. There are a few variables that have changed that can easily be singled out as PRIMARY causes of the decline in public safety and in the decline in the quality of person visiting BR on weekends nowadays. Can anyone guess what some of these "variables" may be? HINT: It will not be socially acceptable to say, however, it will be ACCURATE and truthful. Go:

  12. I need you to stop using ‘statistics’ to be racist please

  13. Just because someone isn’t the best builder in Minecraft doesn’t mean their work is low effort

  14. The mods on this subreddit will see anything slightly creative and disable the post for a niche rule that hasn’t been used in five years about something that occurred one singular time

  15. Wiped out all of Tilted and Lazy Lagoon, about 15 in total with gold scar. Didn’t even use the pump

  16. My child needs a litter box in their gender neutral restroom while taking a break from “Hating America 101” /s

  17. Shill out-of-town developer trying to scare properly values down. BR is a goldmine.

  18. Bro, Broad Ripple’s been the same for 30 years. City life! My only issue is Monon users who don’t yield to through traffic. Infuriating.

  19. Oh ok fair. Don’t worry I yield to traffic when I go on walks on the monon

  20. Clearly I'm old or something. Where is this character from? Or is it just something they made up for fortnite?

  21. This character was made by Fortnite! I just like him a lot

  22. Really like this skin, but i’m waiting for Fortnitemares. Plus, being 1400 with no backbling is pretty dumb, especially since he has such an obvious one

  23. That’s fair! I’m clinging to the hope that I get paid a lot before fortnightmares

  24. Pretty sure that’s just his gill; the blood supply tapers off towards the end of their gills, so the tips can be lighter!

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