1. 2011- Chris Roberts: We're making a game, a space sim, the best ever, with technology never done before! Please kickstart this project!

  2. Nah, no money laundering. Just the inability and refusal to finish a game while milking gullible whales in the process. CIG is just a marketing tool at this point while all the "devs" there do is make pretty videos and jpegs.

  3. I have a base with two colossal archives so close together they are linked by one base computer on a blizzard planet. A staircase connects them both, and I have to check every once in a while to make changes to terrain shifts.

  4. Of course, this raises the question... If 3.18 was a movie, what would it be? Could start a list?

  5. The Road. End of the world, feral cannibals, widespread natural disaster.

  6. First thing that came to mind when I found out CIG's servers shit the bed. This is going to be fun.

  7. Yeah it's really strange the triggering and emotional response to protect CIG. I think there is weird mental issues going on with some backers and that they have tied their identity to the company.

  8. These are exactly the people Roberts targeted. He hired marketing staff to attract those with poor impulse control and mental issues.

  9. Seriously. The stupid among these players is monumental. Crobberts is really dishing out a tub of lime flavored cool aid laced with pine cleaner to that community.

  10. What kills me is there are great games out there, with even more titles coming out this year. And on next generation hardware with PC having some great ports in addition to all this.

  11. If the problem is Cape clipping, it is caused by your body type. Doesn't seem likes it's ever getting fixed but never say never

  12. It's not cape clipping. The thing has a graphics issue and looks like static when the character shifts or is running. It could be resolution issues on the PS5 that came with the update; this didn't happen before.

  13. I think I'm done. Game forgets who I am now. And on PS5. Loaded up and all the names I've given planets/systems are gone. Tried to reset, nope.

  14. So that's where all the shaking came from.

  15. Ugh, there is a faithful over on FD's SC thread where every argument devolves back to "But i'm having fun" as the reason why SC is good, when all his other arguments are demolished.

  16. Ah, yes. I have so much fun reading those whenever I lurk over there. And he keeps coming back for more.

  17. I have a base with two colossal archives. They are so close together I built a staircase connecting both of them; they fall under one base computer.

  18. Dickrider probably attends the German potato eating shitfests Crobberts throws for his most brainwashed sycophants.

  19. While we value gamer's experiences and questions on the subject, current comments have derailed the purpose of this thread and have to end things here.

  20. https://giphy.com/gifs/dePaPOPNSLDsk

  21. Good we can meet face to face... oh, darn...

  22. That had to be the funniest part of the video, especially since it was written long before NMS VR was possible!!

  23. Congrats to one of the greatest gaming communities, ever!

  24. Hold up! CIG just released TWO major updates this year! Yes, they did!

  25. You can imagine him on a Chopper toting a sawn-off shotgun.

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