1. I basically did this exact thing in Eu4 but Muslim lmfao

  2. Found this Venetian Republic Flag out in the wild when coming home on my bus

  3. Tbf, dude bro person labeled themselves as a “dumbass” in their bio which I’m just gonna point out

  4. Was about to go comment this on the post cuz I didn’t even know 196 existed before this post but they locked comments unfortunately

  5. She was actually my Great Great Great Aunt. My grandmother actually met her once while in Georgia and she says that Leila had been told stories of the civil war by men who actually fought in it which I find just mind blowing

  6. I have a feeling you aren't very good at any guess work or assumption

  7. If you need guess work or assumption in order to fully understand a meme, it’s a shit meme

  8. Or Ireland owns all of the British isles

  9. True my bad for calling it it’s improper name

  10. Im still a noob in eu4, only around 400-500 hours, but I thought in order to form mongol empire you also need all of Persia/Khorasan. Am I missing something? Or are those his vassals?

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