1. I say consider every 3 volume HxH after the anime ended as a test in college. Summarize and make points about the plot threats and what interest you the most. You would probably find something useful and none discovered. That's beside you understanding the current arc that is.

  2. Great. It's heavily implied that Sarasa was beaten up, raped ( Chrollo saying that he'll take the notes that was on the tree to his grave and the images of the blooded knifes ) and chopped into pieced ( because the new lady managed to put her up together ).

  3. Why is Shalnark fashionable and cool and swagged up tho ? Like can we appreciate him a bit ?

  4. In the recent chapter 395, there is panel of Sheila falling as she seems to always read Dino hunter while she walks. Its the panel where Paku gathered the girls for the dub of the tape. You can see her falling and Paku telling her to stop reading while she walks.

  5. Chrollo also told her to stop reading while walking so it seems that was indeed the reason why she's always injured.

  6. I bet she can't keep her balance for a big chunk of time when she met Kurapika and Pairo, because maybe one day she sustained a heavy injury on her legs while she was reading Dino Hunter while she was walking.

  7. It's now 100% confirmed that Sheila is the reason behind the Kurta massacre.

  8. We know the Kurta massacre is revenge from the note. I bet it has something to do with Sarasa. She seems to be Sheila’s best friend and not shown anywhere else in the story. I bet the someone either traffick or murder her. We saw panels of people being abducted.. I have a feeling the Kurta are involved. They have money to buy supplies from town.. where did the money come from if they are isolated from society? Why do people call the Kurta red eyed demons?

  9. Your questions are logical and made me suspicious of the Kurta clan honestly. Your theory is definitely more interesting than mine.

  10. What i get from this chapter id that sandwich was a decent human being before, hence why he have those close and very caring friends of his. Yet he choose to distance them away to achieve his goal for some reason. There is no way psychopath would behave this way. There is certainly humanity left within him, and his friends need to awaken that in him.

  11. Man, why Luini gotta be a dumbass dude... Such broken ability wasted on such ignorant man.

  12. I assume when Pariston creepy aura was directed to intimidate Gin, it cuts off the show and somehow created this horrific image of this creepy girl on the TV. That's the only logical explanation i can come up with.

  13. Dude, he's just translating what the chart is saying. Take it up with whoever made the chart if you have a problem with that.

  14. About your last statement, if Gon case is similar to Kite, and that he lost his Nen ability, it would mean that Gon can build a new nen type that isn't basic like rock papper scissors. That would be awesome !

  15. Can you clarify this part to me dude « These users can efficiently learn/pick up both Types of Nen. »

  16. Absurd ! People who have 80% mastery beside their innate Nen category can master that said category, therefore they can, have two categories with 100% and 90% proficiency. But that can be achieved only through specific condition that was not mentioned by Kurapika's teacher. And now, they now are available to us to read and analyze. No wonder why Kurapika could shift to Specialization and break the limit of each Category with ET. It's all make sense now !!

  17. Kurapika is in-between Conjurer and Specialist. No wonder he could shift to Specialist once he uses Emperor Time ! Oh my God, it all makes sense ! That's why his teacher said that there are few specific condition that can happen for one to change his nen type !!!

  18. I don't think it's the same tree to the one we've seen it before.

  19. The tree gonna cause a panic in social media once again !!! Panic time ! Panic time !!!

  20. Nice argument senator, but why don't you back it up with a source ?

  21. He is fucked up in the head. He is attracted to people with overwhelming strength or have the potential to be one of the strongest. But the twist is, he do that while not considering anything such as age and whatnot. All while having a boner due the excitement of fighting strong opponents. Because that to him is equal to sex basically.

  22. I would appreciate it if someone give us a reminder of the completion of the new chapters. Thanks in advance !

  23. Double spread page are usually used to reveal a shocking or unexpected event that no one think it would happen.

  24. The man is on his grind dude ! He already finished the storyboard of chapter 401 !

  25. Can someone tell me what "it" might refers to ? 🧐

  26. Not a depressing and sad tweet today ! Yay !

  27. I just don't understand why he doesn't leave the drawing to someone else.

  28. Because as an artist, he loves drawing his story with his own hands. Too prideful to let anyone do that. But less stubborn now that he actually have assistances that help him with background effects, the dialogue and whatnot...

  29. We don't need colors Togashi. Let your assistants do that for you

  30. He gave up a bit on his old ways of handling everything by his own hands. But that doesn't include coloring i guess. He is way too prideful to let anyone color his masterpiece. And i can't blame him for that. But still, his health tho...

  31. But again, hisoka had the same prep time. It's his fault he didn't prepare. Chrollo simply took the advantage

  32. Tbh Chrollo is specialist. So you can't figure out what his abilities might be. God knows how many stolen abilities in that book of his are. Thus, it's it make this impossible for Hisoka to prepare.

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