1. Along with Nik, I believe all 3 are business partners in some type of poker endeavor. Also it's L.A...gotta chase the clout and stay relevant.

  2. Sounds like your brother is enlisting your help in killing a juicy before he gets married. I'd be careful...

  3. Happens to me frequently. When I find that the deck is turning against me, I immediately stop the game and ask for a new setup. If I'm still running bad, I make sure to let the dealer know that they're terrible and if they want my $1 tip, they better start sending premiums my way. The whole time I'm folding, I'm also sure to always show my cards to the player on my right to let them know how bad I'm running to convince him that I'm actually a good player but just card dead.

  4. Because he’s a spaz and much worse at poker than the others.

  5. Pretty much this. Would like to add he's much more insufferable in person than he comes across in his videos.

  6. 1/2 is uncapped and is probably the deepest game at those stakes in Vegas. My experience there when I used to grind 1-2 consisted mainly of regs buying 2500-5000 bbs and bum hunting the recs that were buying in for 100 bbs.

  7. I was in the same boat as you. I used the same materials as you did plus the petersons and MS. I was getting around a 55 for the petersons tests. I went ahead and took the clep exam after about 2 weeks of studying and practice tests and I found the actual CLEP exam much easier than any of the practice tests I took. I ended up with a 70 on the CLEP.

  8. Thank you! Do you have any topics that you think I should particularly study or time periods that your test focused on?

  9. The reason I say I thought the actual CLEP was much easier than the practice tests was primarily because I felt like the majority the actual test was based around the big idea of whatever period, doctrine, or person being asked about. With the practice tests, I felt like they were way more specific. Also, a lot of the test can really be process of elimination, whereas I found the practice tests to have a lot of questions where I had trouble narrowing down the answers.

  10. I'm also wondering why this woman is poker-famous. She played on HCL a couple times. She tweeted something rude once. Is that it?

  11. There was also the time a few weeks back where she played as bad as one can at the high stakes. If memory serves me correct, folding QQ to an all in and a call on the flop on an all under board while short stacked. She misses the triple up opportunity and then looks visibly depressed. Later folds AK to single 3B and looks disgusted after.

  12. Todd Witteles is pretending to take a W here when it's obvious it's an L.

  13. You moving from simping on Poker Bunny? Too pregnant for you?

  14. Dumbass, people like this keep me in business. F.ck up in international waters and come to the Feds, we will keep the light on for you 😆 I have a nice three man 6x9 cell, and I can even issue you a slightly used pillow with a comfy mattress....or better yet stay in your parents basement 😉

  15. I used to love short deck, then I got put into an Ontario only player pool and apparently I was the only short deck player in Ontario. Haven’t seen another person at a short deck table since.

  16. Ice cream...best served cold, with an intense stare, and by a retired Afghan Col

  17. Well it's made clear at the start. Someone touched his dog and a bottle dropped outta him, yep.

  18. I apologize. I didn't realize they were speaking English.

  19. Is anyone going to ask what was in her military record that she expected would damage her campaign? How big of a screw up was she for her unit?

  20. "The article included details from Green's military record, including Green failing to become an Air Force pilot after washing out of flight training; and earning a "does not meet standards" performance review in connection with her leadership skills, professional qualities, and judgment and decisions, after Green mishandled her weapon and wandered away from a forward operating base."

  21. I'm guessing you didn't bink one of the tournaments last night. gg

  22. There are a lot of professionals in their respective fields that are not "professional" when conducting their jobs

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