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  1. Everyone in the ladies room has or has had their period. We don't judge, we see it as normal. You don't have to be insecure about it, it's natural. As for the heavy flow, I'd recommend maxi pads if you're not comfortable with a tampon or a cup

  2. I haven't hit menopause yet ( I'm 32 years old) so idk if it will change until then. From my 1st period at 14 until now it's been exactly the same. Last day of the month and it always has the same pattern. Excruciating cramps on day 1, heavy flow on day 2, super light flow on day 3, demonic possession on day 4 and clearing up on day 5 and 6. Light discomfort on ovulation day and repeat. Also, I haven't been pregnant or given birth yet.

  3. I wasn't tracking mine until a few years ago. I didn't think of it because it always comes on the last 2 days of the month, so i kinda always knew 29-31 is putting on a pad day and waiting lol

  4. Although mine came on time, the flow was much less and i surprisingly didn't get severe cramps as usual. I'm having mine right now, a month after my recovery and it came back to "normal" (aka living hell(

  5. A month after my recovery and my resting rate is still 115-120 (my heart has always been fast, since I'm a small young woman with the physical activity levels of an 80 year old, but never that fast). At this point I'm just waiting for a stroke or a heart attack i guess

  6. I've been negative for a month. I still have some cough fits from time to time. They appear suddenly and disappear within some hours. I had one this morning

  7. She’s only 49. We asked about stroke and they dismissed it. I plan to take her to the ER tomorrow if her condition is the same

  8. Much younger people can still have strokes, what are they talking about? How could they be dismissive about it?

  9. A görög úgy eszik mint az állat, hogy létezik az hogy marad kaja pazarolni?

  10. Women are total firecrackers at 30-35. By 40 they are atomic. 18-23? forget that. I’m not running a relationship training camp here.

  11. My man may assert his dominance with his farts, but i bring the sheer chaos and destruction with my barfs

  12. I went through it with 37.2 max. It is possible. It felt like i had fever though, because of the body aches, but no matter how many times I've measured it, it was between 36.8 and 37.2. Although idk if it is a light fever for someone who has a low body temperature overall. Mine is always 35.8 or 36.2 max

  13. Όχι δε γίνεται να αποποιηθεις για όλους όσους ενδέχεται να κληρονομήσεις με τη μια

  14. Ναι, αλλά το πρόβλημα, όπως και στο άλλο ποστ, είναι ότι πολλές φορές δεν ξέρεις καν για την κληρονομιά και το μαθαίνεις 1-2 χρόνια αργότερα που τότε δεν μπορείς να κάνεις δωρεαν αποποίηση.

  15. 4 μήνες απ' την ημέρα που έμαθες για το θάνατο

  16. LEAVE!!!!!!! Make an escape plan, ask for the help of someone you can trust and leave!!!!!!!!

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