1. just don't overthink it - say yes to coffee breaks and catchups, introduce and say g'day to people in the breakrooms, listen and do whatever your manager expects and wants.

  2. You arent poor if you have a million dollars in equity

  3. Lol and rates go up 1000x to make up for the lost revenue?

  4. I have 6 children, 7 cats and 3 dogs, we are moving to Canberra next month.

  5. Since my post this morning, i have regrettably lost 2 children. So I no longer need walking distance to a preschool, but my other requirements remain.

  6. if you think it's quiet, you should definitely check out Epic showgrounds.

  7. Hey everyone, nominate a name for tomorrow’s thread under here. Most upvotes wins a shiny reddit award and tomorrow’s thread title. I’ll keep that up till I run out of coins. Try to keep it relatively nice.

  8. House would be preferred as we also have a Labrador. Ideally priced under $700 rent per week

  9. Tbf the rental market is hyper competitive here, for a house that allows pets and has 3 or 4 rooms, you don't get a lot of choice for suburbs in that price range.

  10. Tbh getting anyone is going to be a struggle based on our recent experiences.

  11. Ignore it, If you disagree / dislike it.

  12. Lol it's clear you're a deadshit protestor or sympathizer based on your posts here.

  13. Seems pretty fucked of you and major Karen to post / complain online with pictures of kids that aren't yours.

  14. Suggestion for next thread title is Sovereign Simpletons

  15. A lot of people just think that what is happening now, will continue to happen in the future. The risk of Covid mutating again to something worse is real, and the data collected by the app (when used properly) can be used to trace people spreading it, and the locations they are at. Its a few seconds effort for real societal gain.

  16. Your first paragraph is a) paranoia (FUD) and b) irrelevant. It is not being used for contact tracing currently.

  17. Easy to spot the government worker - the only person defending the app.

  18. after a quick trip to check on the new merch in one of our more eastern located suburbs.

  19. If you're under "constant pressure", then the last thing you want to do is give the ball away cheaply.

  20. I'm not going to bother verifying / linking my Check in App with my mobile phone # because

  21. I have been out of things for a while. Please help me get up to date? What's new in Corona in Canberra?

  22. I'll be blunt about it - but don't you have anything better to do with your time?

  23. Antivax etc protesters, they drove from other cities and think they're going to force the federal govt to get rid of all the states covid and vaccine rules, or overthrow the government or whatever

  24. Might be a good opportunity help give them an education beyond yr 6 whilst they're here and in the same spot.

  25. Can't help but feel pretty sad about his exit overall.

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