1. No, Gillian deserves what she gets. She wanted everyone to hate on Edger and give her sympathy for his cheating but always left out that she cheated first (and with multiple people). “It was different after he cheated. Everything changed for me.” But when you cheated, that was no big deal? You’d think she’d have more compassion for his one night stand after he forgave her for hopping on the guys who slipped into her DMs.

  2. I heard from her own lips that she was sexting her ex for 7 months, which is cheating in my book. You say she cheated with multiple guys, where did you get that info? It wouldn't shock me if it's true given by her actions on the show. When she talks about her experiences on the show it's like, did I watch the same show? We saw her at the couples separation dinner in tears, telling Edgar that she loved him so much and didn't want leave. Less than five minutes later she is all smiles in the girls Villa looking at Tommy like a piece of steak. She said during her IG live that her and Tommy knew early on that they did not have a romantic future. When did they realize this? Was it when she told him that she didn't know if she should continue to wear the promise ring because she didn't have a reason to take it off yet? Or was it during the many times that they sucked face. Perhaps it was when she first asked him into her bed or the second or third time. Maybe it was on a few occasions when Tommy refused her invitation to her bed and she got upset. Guess it could of been their make out session in her bed when Tommy was on top of her. Maybe it was when they were in the shower making out right after they were in the hallway with the look of lust in her eyes when she asked him where he was sleeping tonight. It might of been at their overnight dinner when she told him that she thought they would be good together off the island and was on the verge of tears telling Tommy that perhaps she was more invested in their relationship than he was right after he friend zoned her. It takes a very devious person to conceal that they have been cheating for seven months. Edgar should be very thankful that she wanted and did the show because she revealed her true identity.

  3. Gillian was done with the relationship before the island. She pursued Tommy from the second they entered the girls Villa and without the level head of Tommy sex would of occurred. She has stated that she didn't have sex because she didn't want to disrespect Edgar which is total bullshit because her actions disrespected Edgar. She also stated that Tommy and her knew early on that they didn't have a romantic future, again total bullshit. Did she act like she knew romance wasn't in the future? Why was she upset on the overnight date when Tommy friend zoned her? Her actions don't match her statements. She also told Tommy that if she saw Edgar having sex it wouldn't phase her. Why did she tell him that? Could it of been another attempt to sleep with Tommy? Why did she have a cow when she saw Edgar having sex? Was she acting or upset because she hadn't got any?

  4. Taylor could be on the cover of Fuc&boi. He wasn't into her just wanted sex from the only supplier. Let's be honest she is not easy on the eyes so he had to fake it to make it.

  5. I'd like to see the producers be transparent and not edit to fit a narrative that they want. Their actions have caused breakups of loving couples because they made it appear that cheating had occurred. They don't need to do this because the couples do a good job already, without any help. Kendall, David, Evan, Katie, Ashley G, Ashley H, Gillian, Ash, for example.

  6. The argument that he had to kiss her because he is a foot taller is ludicrous. How many of you must be standing in order to kiss someone? His point that he lost trust with her because she told on him gives me the vibe that he has done this before. It is apparently obvious to me that he cheated on Ashley before, that he wanted out of the relationship because he was tired of hiding his cheating and he used Trace to end his relationship. The show gave him the perfect opportunity to end his relationship without being the bad guy. The "I only want to be romantically involved with Trace" comment was made because he didn't want to be compared to the past male whores of the show. He wants to be a player without exposing himself. Just my opinion.

  7. Edgar definitely slept with Marissa for revenge. Now he is trying to deflect what he did when gill said she didn’t fuck. They’re both bad tho

  8. Question: When you watch a movie (non porn) and there is a love scene, do you think they are really having sex?

  9. In the hallway prior to the shower, she has that I want sex look. It sure looks like she got her wish.

  10. Let's assume that she is telling the truth that they were both clothed and sex did not happen. Why would Tommy brace himself against the wall while at the same time she drops down? Why does Tommy look down? Why did Tommy hold that position? Why doesn't she return to her feet in a timely manner? Her assertion of the event does not make any sense to a rational person. The only way that she is being truthful is if her definition of sex is intercourse. "I did not have sex with that woman" Bill Clinton.

  11. She is a piece of work alright. It was her idea to do the show. She said that she had trust issues with Edgar and this was his test. She said that Edgar had cheated on her on their anniversary (had sex). She also said that she also cheated on him (sexting with her ex for seven months). Unclear as to which one cheated first. Since that time Edgar has been doing everything in his power to show her that he messed up. He gave her a promise ring to show his commitment and devotion for her. He said that he wanted to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. She said that she was madly in love with him. At the final couples dinner she was in tears professing her love for him. After they were separated she was all smiles. She told Tommy the first night that she didn't know if she should continue to wear the promise ring. She told him that she didn't have a reason to take it off yet. Why did she tell him that? What was her motive? From the moment that she entered the girls Villa she has pursued Tommy without any regard to the effect that her actions would be on Edgar. What kind of woman who says they are madly in love with their boyfriend asks another man on several occasions to sleep in her bed? Was she testing herself? Why did she tell Tommy that if he kissed her that he better not do so if he were drunk? Could it be so that Tommy couldn't say I made a mistake because I was drinking? She knew what she was doing to Edgar. She saw the pain that he was in having to see her actions bonfire after bonfire. Did she show any remorse at all? What she did do was to report to Tommy the pain that Edgar was in and did so with a smile, why? Instead of stopping her actions she continued. Again what kind of woman who is madly in love with their boyfriend acts that way? Why did she tell Tommy that if she saw Edgar having sex it wouldn't be a big deal? I have watched every episode, every IG live, every after show. The only time that she showed any emotion toward Edgar was during the last bonfire and the last after show. It appears to me judging by her actions that she was done with Edgar before the show and only came on the show to hurt and end her relationship with Edgar. However I could be wrong. Maybe she was trying to teach Edgar a lesson. Maybe all parties involved (Gillian, Edgar, Tommy, Melissa) were all acting. Nothing would surprise me. If it wasn't an act then she traded committed love for a possibility of love. Time will either promote or expose you.

  12. She was literally smiling in the clip beforehand cause she thought she was gonna get off scotch free bringing him to the island to break up with him. She’s beyond delusional. Also saying you think you want to be single to enjoy your 20s and then immediately try to start a relationship with another guy is so unbelievably scummy. Go Edgar finally getting away from her

  13. I totally agree. She was the one that suggested they go on the show. From the very second that they were separated she has not acted like she wanted the relationship. She says that she didn't have sex which I find hard to believe. Why did she ask Tommy several times to sleep in her bed? Why was she so upset when Tommy refused her request that one time? I don't put any blame on Edgar. She gave him every reason to believe that she was done with their relationship. There is always the possibility although slim that it was all an act. If so then we were all fooled. Nothing would surprise me.

  14. Tommy might be my favorite from this season, I feel like he studied past seasons and executed the perfect game plan: be everyone’s friend, hook up with main cast, don’t catch feelings and above all, always keep it casual.

  15. They may or may not leave the island as a couple but could become one after the show.

  16. I don't know why Gillian is so shocked. Wasn't she the one making out at every turn? What was her reaction when she learned that she hurt Edgar to the point that he didn't want the relationship anymore? Was she upset or was she all smiles? What can we learn by her reactions and actions after the separation of the couples? Add to that the fact that it was her idea to come on the show. Based on all of this it is abundantly apparent that she did not come on the show to build a stronger relationship with Edgar but to tear it down. To which she has been successful.

  17. It's all an act on her part. She has been into Tommy from day one without caring about Edgar.

  18. On episode 1, I thought they had the least chance of leaving together and now it seems pretty clear they're the only ones who will (though I guess we've been shocked before).

  19. I don’t even think he’s pretending. He flat out tells her he’s not interested in pursuing anything past the time on the show. She is dumb and not listening.

  20. Hania realized early on that he didn't want an open relationship after seeing Ash kissing Taylor. Now after seeing her having sex he realizes it tenfold. Was he a scumbag and did her dirty, yes before the show, yes. To which he confessed to the single ladies. The problem is that he should of had that conversation with Ash. We will see just how much love they have for each other at the final bonfire. Personally I think Ash isn't playing with a full deck of cards.

  21. I'm glad he realized early that he was being played and attempted to find love. Gillian had every intention of finding another from the very beginning and she succeeded. She is now dating Tommy.

  22. She was shook because she didn't think Edgar would have sex. The question is why did she think that? Especially after he make out sessions with Tommy. I will never understand why people criticize others actions but do the same thing. In the beginning of the show I only had hope for Iris and Luke. Now I'm not so sure. The should rename the show to Breakup Island because a very low percentage of couples leave the island together or stay together afterwards.

  23. I think the reason Gillian was so shocked is because Edgar and Gillian agreed on boundaries (kissing etc is ok but no sex) and Gillian hasn’t violated the physical boundaries they set. I think it will be really good for both of them to leave single and learn more about themselves, they’re both so young and it shows.

  24. Are you sure that Gillian hasn't crossed the boundaries? What didn't we see in the shower? What have they not shown? I agree that they should leave the Island single but I think that is a longshot.

  25. By listening to interviews/podcast I now have the opinion that the only couple that has a chance of staying together is Iris and Luke. Of the hook ups it is my opinion that Gillian and Tommy are dating. As a side note I only watch this show just for the prediction aspect.

  26. Completely agree about the elimination. I thought that was so stupid. If Taylor had left it probably would have rendered Ash's time there useless because her one intimate connection would have been taken away. I hope they don't pull that again, that was so dumb.

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