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  1. 4 day school week (and work week) is great though. I hope this experiment in Texas takes off, and that it’s a silver lining in this dark cloud

  2. Of it wasn't Texas, I'd fully agree but I dunno what other shit Abbott is tacking onto that

  3. As a teacher, I'm just hoping my education and license will be accepted elsewhere when I Blaxit because America's educational rankings are really far behind most developed "first world" countries.

  4. Ridge is groddy to the max and needs to go sit down. Taylor couldn’t advise my dog on where to drop a deuce. LOVE Li schooling Stuffy. I don’t even like the slut from the valley but I want her to grow a spine and be done w ridge for good.

  5. As much as I am living for anyone ripping Queen Stephanie II a new one, but I can't help but shake my damn head at yet another instance of women blaming other women for shit that a man started.

  6. Webby was raised by Beakley, unlike May and June who have never had parents. I don't see her giving that up.

  7. That sounds like a lot of speculation. Summer spoilers from SOD said Hope and Liam wouldn't be involved in a triangle and their challenging thing would come in the form of something else.

  8. While I never trust Brad Bell to let a bad triangle end, I haven't seen anything indicating that Thope is being revisited either.

  9. Realistically, I'm sure the triangle of Hope/Liam/Steffy will again rear it's ugly head down the line. If the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle is any indication it will never stop. Thomas will never be a good fit for Hope, IMO. All of a sudden she's going to look at him in a romantic sense?? He's been trying to get with Hope since Liam and Steffy's first marriage all those years ago. She's never loved him, and if it were ever going to happen for it to be believable for me it would've had to have been before he kept Beth a secret and all that other trash he did to her.

  10. To this day, I continue to be baffled by the fact that they took the first born son of the show's leading man and turned him into a raging lunatic akin to Adam Newman...and the fact they did this even after the last time this character was salvaged after some trash behavior that was still in recent memory is absolutely one of the most astonishing things in B&B canon, and I say this having watched the batshit insanity of Ridge and Bridget in real time.

  11. The thing to keep in mind with Ao3's tagging system in general is: it was not made to be exclusionary.

  12. The regular stream of incredibly random things that seem to set people off in the fanfiction realm these days makes me feel ancient...

  13. Back in my day, the one thing I remember being anal about was lube use (no pun intended lol). I can't remember the last m/m fic I've read where the author didn't make it abundantly clear that lube was being used because my generation screamed to the high heavens about that.

  14. I don't think you understand why she actually says Kurosaki instead of Ichigo, despite knowing each other for a long time both them try to keep distance for Orihime her way of showing this is by not using his first name. Also how tf else is she surpost to get his attention except by calling his name as I said before when watching the show it feels completely normal. I mean if you counted up how many times I said a friends name in the same time frame it would also be getting this high because that just how you get peoples attention.

  15. People really refuse to grasp what a total non-issue it is that Orihime uses his last name in a language where surname use is the default. Even if all his other friends call him Ichigo (except for Ishida), no one would think this was odd in the least bit.

  16. I don't think you get it, the reasonable thing would have to write that"toxic shippers are delusional" and people would agree

  17. I don't disagree with that, but there is one side with a long, documented history of assholishness that I can personally attest to going back to when Bush was president. I say this as someone who was in those circles and witness the bashing from within.

  18. Right?! Every time my uncle got one, the dough tasted undercooked as all shit. Even pre-2010 Domino's was better because the dough was cooked all the way through.

  19. I remember a Naruto non-com fic during which Sasuke yells out "RECEIVE MY AIDS" as he cums in Naruto's ass

  20. I’ve never once seen any indication of “ichiruki” being foreshadowed while watching and reading bleach. While orihime and ichigo have been foreshadowed since the beginning. And so have rukia and renji. I feel like the ichigo and rukia fanatics are just salty orihimes shine could have been rukia and because rukia wasn’t the main love I treat, after the soul society arc she lost a lot of screen time while orihime since day 1 has been getting blessed with screen time, she even played a part in the tybw fight against ywach himself while rukia was off somewhere training and then fought asnodt.

  21. I remember back in the day, the LJ BNFs would hype up the Ichiruki reunions...because that's all we had to go off of after the SS arc. In fact, it was incredibly rare from that point to ever see Rukia without Renji nearby, either.

  22. I expected it to be more busy than it was, but it appears to get sporadic posting at best.

  23. Yellowjackets are psychos, they can bite AND sting. They bite for no reason and that marks a person as a threat/trigger for other yellowjackets to bite.

  24. It's true. I remember once feeling a pinch on my stomach, and looked down to find a yellowjacket crawling out from where I'd had my jacket tied around my waist. And this was in November, when they should have all been dead.

  25. Even though you don’t dig the culture vibes - You are safer in Virginia City than Oakland CA.

  26. I know what you're implying with this but as someone with family who'd been in Oakland Bay Area since the 60s, the place is gentrified to hell and back. I saw teenagers riding Bird scooters on San Pablo Blvd the last time I was there. I've had three cousins get shot at around that place in the 90s.

  27. Fr. There are a lot of black dude in the south that are like this. It’s not like it’s extremely rare.

  28. Yeah, there's a thing that's called internalized self hatred, i suffered from it too once until I left my white suburb and met other black people outside of my family and learned that being black was not a bad thing, hmmmmm thanks

  29. One could play Kelly and the other could play Beth and them looking alike would only be addressed sometimes when someone is like "Wow, you and your half sister really do look alike."

  30. I mean, Joan Crawford once replaced her daughter on one of the ABC shows in the 70s, so anything can happen🤪

  31. With rare exception like Lynn Marie Latham killing Cassie Newman and every exec after her doing damage control every holiday since child actors never get a send off. Amanda and Rachel Pace played Hope for years and as much as I love those little girls, I couldn't tell you what their last scene was (but if one of 'em were cast to play grown up Kelly or Beth, I wouldn't complain lol)

  32. Lol, so true. Ask anyone with that “stereotypical” California accent where there from and it’s never California.

  33. Yeah, I lived in SD for nine years until fairly recent and never once felt like that made me a native to the area.

  34. That’s mind-blowing to hear that San Diego could have ever been perceived as “just a military town.”

  35. As an aside, we in the Navy are a lot more fortunate that as a branch we at least have the chance to be stationed fairly close to actual cities as opposed to other branches with most of their bases in Bumfuck, Nowhere.

  36. I noticed anyone cheering her on hasn’t seen her instagram. She’s clearly a nut job lol

  37. Kanye DESPERATELY needs help. I'd absolutely recommend it for him if therapy wasn't helping. If he weren't rich as fuck he'd have been on psych hold long ago.

  38. To be clear, conservatorship a are supposed to be a very last resort. Situations where the person is not going to recover, ie. the late Nichelle Nichols having dementia (although the guy who worked his way into her c-ship was shady too). The one Britney had was typically only granted over people in comas or otherwise not expected to survive the calendar year.

  39. SU got its time cut? It seemed to get a lot more content than other shows. Had a proper finale, a movie and an epilogue series

  40. The main series got cut down since that aired in a lot of countries with censorship laws, and I'd be surprised if any of the follow up material made it's way to those countries.

  41. It got edited in those countries but they weren’t the ones that made the decision to cancel su. Cartoon Network did that

  42. I don't argue with it, nor do I agree it was the right decision. But sadly, this isn't the first kids show to get penalized for it's decision to make its queer rep blatantly obvious and it certainly wasn't the last (see also: The Owl House)

  43. I mean it’s planned stops. Not really a big deal.

  44. Doesn’t mean people have to be weirdly outraged by the mere thought of another brand. I’ve owned BMWs exclusively for the last decade. But some of these people need to take a step back and understand what they’re so hostile about.

  45. 🤷‍♀️ all I'm saying is I don't see a lotta love for three row vehicles when I post at

  46. I don't really have experience with a blue yeti but mic should be on cardioid and try to talk into it but not directly into it to avoid popping your "P"s and such (when you say a "P" sound, you "pop" more air than normal). If you're having trouble with the yeti, it might not be possible to minimize the sound more apart from trying to close any doors or windows if you're inside.

  47. Honestly, a cheap-o pop filter will help a lot for those P and T sounds

  48. I'm kinda annoyed by this meme in general. Like what would you do different to him?

  49. I think people want an entirely different character than what Okuyasu was always intended to be by Araki

  50. That's what I wanna know! Cuz I promise you Newsom's replacement is probably gonna be a Dem, and likely one to the further left of him too if the guy or gal elected is under 45

  51. They lost a lot in the expanse. But yeah, kidnapping or otherwise ship getting taken over.

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