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  1. Being cocky as hell and thinking that they run the world

  2. Britain. I may be biased but sausage rolls are godlike

  3. With rock we have the spirit of Dwayne the rock Johnson with us.

  4. For enjoying pokemon. One time I was in class drawing some pokemon because well I just felt like it. And then a kid looks over my shoulder and sees me drawing. They immediately recognise it and scream to the entire class that I like pokemon. At first I thought that it was no big deal and that people would respect me for actually liking it. BOY WAS I WRONG. Every school day since then I have had people insulting me just because of that and now I realize that I should have just kept the drawing a secret

  5. Learning that Mario Kart 8. (The Original) is like 8 years old. I remember coming back home booting up my Wii U and playing that thing daily.

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