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  1. Nothing better to do with their time, don't these loser have jobs to get to?

  2. I take breaks after every game and its helped me quite a lot I placed silver 4 and jumped up to gold 2 and whenever i lose a match i just switch over to arcade or qp, best to know when to stop

  3. I main anna and zen ! I mostly play support roles

  4. I fucking love this episode lmao " can you ride your mower in a hurricane bill?" Bill: :" well i-" Dale : "you cant drive your hurricane in a mower!"

  5. Tbh bill always mixes himself into groups that require a lot of his time, and energy and dont care for him like the way his friends do. Like when he joined the choir group the harmonaholics, they sang in the church but all they ever wanted from bill was more. More of his time, his commitment and they never cared if it got in the way of his life or job

  6. I love playing overwatch stoned, honestly who could ever play that game sober

  7. When tanks get stupid like that i just tell them to perish.

  8. Dale: If you're going to shoot me, I want Bobby Hill to take the shot, because he'll put me down clean. Bobby : Okay! [tries to take a gun from a police officer] 

  9. But it feels so nice just to be able to eat and lay back down!

  10. THIS IS A GIRL POWER JAM! WE'RE ALL GURLS ! NO MANS! its plays so much in my head

  11. Im pretty happy they got rid of the medal system, it was never accurate.

  12. It kills me when rudy jumps off oh his ramp and he says "they should serve a meal on that flight ✈️ "

  13. That is a gorgeous piece 😍 👌 hella badass

  14. Leave a comment here if you would like to get this wireless charger I made. It's compatible with the Qi wireless charging phones. (Sorry, North America only).

  15. Its so cute! Camping: jihyo Picnic lunch: Dahyun Shopping: nayeon or sana Clubbing: jeongyeon Beach: tzuyu 💖

  16. I gotta play my boy zen! He can kick his way through anything!

  17. I can literally hear saying "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh"

  18. I love your art style its so beautiful, id like to see a very pretty bobby 😆

  19. Megalo Dale, got scared when I saw all those chucks..

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