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My neighbours left town permanently and forgot their cat… I guess I own a cat now? They always said she had a pedigree but seeing as I hated them, can anyone give me any clues as to what breeds to look at? I want to read up on the breed to become a better owner …

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  1. If you look at his 5 game segments, he looks a bit better on the year. The splits are:

  2. Probably time to change how we judge goalies, even a save % can misleading. Team defence can have a big impact on a goalie.

  3. Not many are using that stat that I run into, seems like lots are still using the basic counting stats.

  4. How much do you save on games long-term through steam though? Not to mention free online gaming VS paid? I just built a pc that destroys the Xbox on every aspect for 1.5k with the 144hyz monitor, mechanical keyboard, mouse and joystick. And did I mention there are more games?! ? Like way more games! And when Xbox decides to make the xwhatever obsolete, I can just buy a few new parts and keep gaming, as opposed to dropping even more on a new system.

  5. Dude my xbox and 4K cost less then that, also you sound like a guy bragging about his Ferrari being faster then a Honda.

  6. They've done so much world building of NC through side materials it would be foolish to go somewhere else. There's a lot to explore narratively in night city

  7. Even from an asset development point of few it makes no sense. The city is already built if they reuse it that can fill it out more and make more buildings open and explorable

  8. Can say same thing about GTA. They already have a city, why wont they just update it?

  9. GTA tends to have a lot less building you can enter, and the city does not have lore

  10. ckgt says:

    Higher density, with a change to property tax that scales with density. You want more room? You pay for it.

  11. Yup I live in what was Oliver, my taxes should be a lot lower then someone in the burbs. You should have to pay for what you use, I should not need to subsidize your lawn and cul del-sac

  12. Can the people in the burbs opt out of policing and transit costs?

  13. There’s plenty of taxis to and from the hospital that are quick and easy to use. They might be a little expensive to use, but for situations like these they are a great option. Furthermore, they drive you straight to the front door and require no parking… besides there are both a metro and busses going to the hospital day and night. However, biking will nevertheless be the far quickest option for people still, since the infrastructure is there and you literally cannot get stuck in traffic…

  14. Bold of you to assume to everywhere on the world in close enough to a hospital to bike to it and that taxi will be easy accessible at all times.

  15. I was talking about the hospital above. I live next to it

  16. Your personal situation does not dictate what everyone else has to deal with.

  17. Why the fuck are you calling it weird. Pre orders are extremely toxic to the development of good games. Why would executives be willing to spend more time on a product that they already have gotten the money for? They are incentivized to make good games.

  18. I have no idea why you're being downvoted, people need to take a step back and really think this through... It's a theme park ffs

  19. Probably because I said you can find a walkable place nice when on vacation but don’t want to live their.

  20. Yeah just walk into a research lab with a suspicious 3 liter bottle of blue blood and see if they’ll buy it from you

  21. And sell all that gold will be easy, no matter everyone would have the same issue of selling what they make

  22. It would be 1000 times easier selling gold than fucking horseshoe crab blood lmaoooo

  23. I love how much detail the artist put into this moment. The ripperdoc has her hair in curlers, likely doing V a favor and working him into her schedule.

  24. Thank you, I couldn't remember the actual name when I posted that instead if sleeping.

  25. As someone with quite a bit of privilege, it is truly difficult to understand what it means to be poor. What it means to wonder where or if your next meal is coming. Wanting a job but not being able to afford the transportation or even having the guidance to get one. I do believe in this country if you are smart, skilled and disciplined you can succeed in any circumstances (and vice versa, i know plenty with similar privilege who have accomplished nothing) but it is truly difficult to understand the hole some people have to dig themselves out of. Notice i said smart and skilled? I havent even touched how much my privilege is responsible for my intellect or skills, did it play a part? Who knows. So if I see someone who is lazy and/or unskilled, is it their fault or is it because they never had anyone to elevate them? It took a long time for me to develop this perspective and even now I am not empathetic towards laziness in the slightest. Do I think PP who seems far more hateful than I has taken the time to develop even a fraction of this empathy? No I do not.

  26. Even if your smart and skilled you still need some kind of luck or privilege to get your break that lets you escape being poor.

  27. I disagree, if you are smart/skilled/hardworking enough, youll generate enough opportunities that you would have to be unlucky not to succeed. Trying to get any job done from applying to a mortgage to getting literally any contractor to come give you a quote these days is so fucking hard that if you can show you do good work you can start the path to success. The hard part I think poorer people have is getting the resources to get that far (which means they have to work twice as hard slogging through minimum wage jobs for stability while also getting an education or whatever else is required) and then being pointed in the right direction. Its easy for me to say “ah yes this is the path to success” now as an adult but i didnt know shit when i was a kid.

  28. Dude you did not grow up poor I’m assuming, Education is no go for most poor people. And it hard to generate something working at McDonald’s or in a kitchen at Dennys

  29. what if I buy a trailer, and put a tree on it and just park it somewhere?

  30. Most like it get towed really fast, trailers usually need to be attached to a vehicle parked on a street

  31. Didn't you understand what they were saying? "Males cannot experience emotions" therefore of course they are faking it...

  32. Shit like this is why me and a bunch of other dudes are a brick wall and show no emotion.

  33. That's because the USA builds from cheap wood to compensate for using so much material for its huge houses. How else would they afford to build them?

  34. Collectively, one cubic yard (about 3,900 pounds) of concrete produces roughly 400 pounds of carbon dioxide. To put things into perspective, 400 pounds of CO2 is equivalent to: Burning through an average tank of gas in a car.

  35. One yard is not going far and you need to mine stone for concrete, not exactly a great environmental choice

  36. Letting the cat chose you seems to always work out best, just wonder around the shelter and wait for a cat to decide it owns you.

  37. Man that’s a tough one, never know when some random violence will get you

  38. How would you get to the office when the elevator breaks

  39. I drive my wife nuts sometimes, I work in telecom and when we travel, I am always looking at the plant to see what they use and how it’s set. I’ve even had long conversations with guys we come across while out. I moved management side not long ago and I’m not on the tools anymore but it’s not something that you leave behind completely.

  40. I travel working on transformers I’ve been in some interesting places. Like a hydro dam from 1929 or one of the few powerhouses in the world that is inside a mountain.

  41. Castlevania - Coolest fight scenes by far of almost any show I've seen. Isaac vs Camellia or even the trio versus the small fries in Season 3 was just mindblowing in how creative they looked. I hope every show looks at Sypha for how to show magic on screen.

  42. yea that’s my point. Cut virtanen. he has zero chance of making the team so just get rid of him.

  43. They need to ice so many vets for each game that is what Virtanen is for

  44. A car spewing emissions into my lungs is the fucking vandalism. Slashing tires merely causes an inconvenience, not inflict bodily harm.

  45. You don’t have to live near cars and maybe google vandalism cause you have no clue what it means

  46. Lol. Everyone has to live near cars, that's the whole fucking point of this sub. Jesus Christ.

  47. Is anyone in any sport a bigger GOAT than Gretzky in his? I think there was a cricket player who had some insane stats (or maybe it was one season? I’m not a cricket fan) but I think that’s it.

  48. Gretzky has some stupid stats like being the fastest player to 1000 points and the second fastest to 1000 points.

  49. Exactly, whichever way you want it to look it needs maintenance at least every few days. Very few can get away with just letting it grow for a full Viking look

  50. Yup I’m one of the lucky one that can get away with growing out my beard and having a surfer mop.

  51. In my experiences, this is exactly it. Women can go too far in accessories and small additional things, whereas men just do the basics wrong.

  52. Yup you either have to commit to a beard if you can grow one or shave regularly, there is no middle ground.

  53. I work with cars too, this is all 100% accurate haha

  54. Watched a coworker take 10 paper plates with food on them out of his work truck yesterday.

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