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  1. I’ve got a couple I won’t be needing anymore, pc mariners as well. Shoot me a dm and I’ll see what I have after work.

  2. I never saw this for some reason. I’ll shoot you a PM when I get to my desktop. Thanks!

  3. My collection is getting pretty full of the Reds as a Mariners fan. Lol. This is another I need to add now.

  4. They remind me of the diamondkings growing up in a way. I've not bought the gypsies bc I was unsure if it was a gimmick but I've had about the same luck regardless of what brand or price option I pick. I just can't pick the right one. When I buy online, I feel like the case was already gutted and they already got the good ones. Im sure this isn't the case, but its what I tell myself to make the asscream rub in a little deeper.. I get just enough out of it to not go postal and come back for more but I think I just need to start making my kid open them and hope the luck changes.

  5. I did read on here that for the boxes on eBay, they already got the big hit for the case and are dumping the rest of the boxes. Idk if there’s any truth to that or if cards are even distributed like that per case. For retail boxes at a store like Barnes and Noble or Target, it’s highly unlikely that anyone is doing anything other than putting the boxes on the shelf. At my local B&N they don’t even know what the boxes are or how much they cost. They’re just minimum wage worker kids who don’t care about sports. Oh PS, B&N seems to restock Topps fairly often, so check them out if you have one in your neighborhood. Fred Meyer is good for Donruss if that’s your thing.

  6. I live in the middle of Pennsyltucky in a little place called Mexico. I dont have a b&n and never heard of Fred Meyer, so I do have to shop eBay from time to time. I've not had much luck looking at other online retailers. Ill never give up the hunt but it sure was easier when they were mass produced when I was child and there were boxes at every register. I had a typo in the above post and meant everytime I shop online i feel like I got duped like you were explaining. Im not sure how that would be done either but just a feeling I get. Idk if they weigh them or something along those lines but they have to have a trick up their sleeve

  7. Ah yeah, living in a remote area does limit your options. I’m glad they’re not mass produced anymore, since that lead to all of those cards being worthless. It looks like

  8. I understand all of what you are saying are straight fax and i did get a mosfet and put thermal runaway in my printer firmware but currently trying my best to make it work at least a little bit

  9. Try a thrift store. They sell tapes for $0.25 at our thrift store. Also get one of those tapes with the chord on it that you can plug into a discman and play CD’s.

  10. Are you interested in the update series from the same year? I have an entire box worth that I’m willing to part with except for the 3 mariners I got.

  11. Baseball dominates attendance because people like going to baseball games. I often wonder how many people in a given stadium watch games at home. I would bet that number is much lower for baseball than other sports.

  12. Considering how difficult the MLB makes it to actually watch a game at home, I agree. They put the cable companies ahead of their fans and a lot of people just aren’t willing to jump through the hoops.

  13. This question is answered in detail in book 4. So you’re likely to get spoilers here.

  14. Looks like a good real estate investment in a few decades if the warming trend continues

  15. It is the hardest place to infect in the Plague Inc. game, so a good safe haven if pandemics are going to become commonplace.

  16. I live in the PNW and used to live in California. The bugs were bad enough in California that I almost always used a tent. Four years ago in the PNW I stopped using one entirely. Bugs are usually not an issue and rain isn’t common during the summer. I use an Eno Sub6 hammock now. Hammock camping is really awesome. I brought my tent as a backup the first time, because I wasn’t convinced that the hammock would be adequate. But after that first trip I just bring my hammock. The really awesome part about it is that the entire hammock system, including straps and sleeping pad, is less than a pound and super compressible. So you end up with a lighter pack that is less full. You can bring your tent and leave the rain fly if skies are clear, you can bring your rain fly if skies are not, or you can hammock or cowboy camp. Lots of options around here.

  17. Lol, it’s easy to miss. Right? I just realized last night that I need to go back through my last few boxes and check the backs.

  18. I was the same way. I don't know why, though. But in the one cool act my father did for me in my youth, he and my grandfather (both army vets) took me to Fort Bliss when I was in 8th grade and got me a legit pair of combat boots. I loved those boots then, and I still do. They're beat to hell but I still got 'em!

  19. You can strip the leather with isopropyl alcohol, redye it, polish them up, have them resoled, and they’ll be good as new. That’s one of the great things about full grain leather boots.

  20. Yeah I wore steel toed work boots and Army combat boots when I wanted something taller. I did buy a pair of Doc Martins, but I kicked my feet up next to the campfire shortly after getting them and the heat cause an air bubble in the sole. I never bought another pair after that.

  21. This looks more like a mating dance. No worms near the surface with snow on the ground. The outstretched wings are also more a display feature.

  22. Well now that this has been popularized on the internet, it’s almost certainly how some YouTubers will die.

  23. Good luck with that. Low end card that the value doesn't justify the cost of grading, wont make it easy for you to find. The total POP is 3 with 2 of them being PSA 10. So only 2 of the card you are looking for exist.

  24. Thanks for that information. I bought a raw sapphire a couple of days ago and am waiting for it to arrive. I guess I’ll see how it looks when it gets here.

  25. Well he wasn’t white either. He was a middle eastern socialist who gave out free health care.

  26. Reddit marks it automatically so I guess message a mod or something?

  27. I went backpacking there a couple of years ago. We didn’t see any signs of bear and the canisters aren’t required. We saw some deer by the lake which was cool, but that was pretty much the only wildlife we saw the whole time. The whole place burned out pretty bad a few years ago, so wildlife was sparse. I think you’d be fine hanging your food, but if you’re at all uncomfortable with that then take a canister. We hung our food and felt fine about that. I don’t think it’s trafficked enough for bears to have figured out Sierra method food hanging yet.

  28. This. Introduced the microcomputer as a commodity, predated and/or outlived all the competition. Technical feat? Not quite.

  29. What Steve and Steve did together was an amazing accomplishment and my statement wasn’t meant to demean them. But Jobs was always the heart of Apple, pumping new life into the company, and he was first and foremost a marketer.

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