1. I’m honestly starting to think that they completely forgot that plot, Halbrand is Sauron, and by next season he’ll start the war of the elves and Sauron with no rings made yet then the show will suddenly get cancelled because “oh shoot we forgot about the rings”

  2. I just hope they won't make it so Sauron split into good and bad sides after 'Uruk not Orc' stabbed him in the back.

  3. You know exactly that’s what’s gonna happen, if you watched the “super fan” YouTube video they say something like “maybe I can change him”. And that’s what’s going to happen, there’ll be 2 sides for Sauron and someone (probably Galadriel) will try to “fix him”

  4. Then he turns bad and becomes 'dead' to Galadriel. Free from her love she will marry Celeborn. I wouldn't put it past Amazon.

  5. Amazon's Teleporno would be glad to prep the bull.

  6. I'm no Tolkien expert or fluff buff, but after six episodes of this show I feel I need to make a twtter account and post #MeToo.

  7. It has been said that the third faction will not be aliens (⊙_◎)

  8. When do you think they will reveal it? I want to know!

  9. Don't drop codes like that. Bots are gonna snatch em away.

  10. Completely different situations though, Laena was conscious and Aemma was drugged and panicked. Also suicide is definitely not a my body my choice kind of thing, Vhagar's hesitation and Laena sounding somewhat scared and hurt doesn't exactly help paint it like that

  11. The image I linked is from an official art book for Monster Hunter franchise, not a specific game. The image is just a very small sample of female armor types. There are so many more outside of that image.

  12. I hoped it's all from Rise cause I was considering buying it.

  13. Owah! Super thanks. I'm gonna watch it right now.

  14. Idk lol as a woman I love dressing up in games like the right. It's fantasy and it's fun LOL.

  15. Me too tbh. It's not a battle simulator but a fun fantasy game and kewl armors in my book beat whatever realistic standards there are.

  16. Now this could mean that theyre trying to tell an age old tale of “Traditionalist conservative vs liberal progressive” thats both timeless and very relevant now, showing an objective picture of how that struggle tears apart society if we cant come to compromise… but I doubt thats whats going to happen…

  17. Nah. It's going to be almost one sided with how the leaks portray it, specially Aegon II.

  18. Im really hoping this doesnt become a “Blacks are the good guys Greens are the bad guys” just cause Rhaenyras a woman with a weird sexual history.

  19. Cooke remembers one direction Condal and Sapochnik gave her for the role of Queen Alicent: "She's like a woman for Trump."

  20. Chad Crispin, Herald of the Seven, Protector of the Rainbow vs. crispy Cockslut

  21. Dun worreh Condom and Spergochnik gonna insert some shock value into him.

  22. It is not only stupid, it is satanic. Think me crazy if you want but falling star, three elves following it and stranger in Harfoot's 'stable' isn't coincidential. Also that scene with an old man, boy and Adar(father) mirroring Abraham and Isaac.

  23. You do know Tolkien was a Catholic and wrote the return of the king (pope) over a unified Catholic church???

  24. I know and there are Catholic inspirations in his books but I would be cautious about Tolkien and allegories. Amazon makes dark connection tho.

  25. He will close more than one eye. Go Baby Monk go!

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